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This is the last day that 25%, 30% or even 50% is saved on products from Autodesk, VFXER, Coremelt and Soundtoys. Don't Miss Out on the Savings, Get Them Today.


25% discount for new subscriptions to 3ds Max, Maya and AutoCAD – Ends today, December 3, 2020

3DS max

3D modeling, animation and rendering software for games and design visualization. 3ds Max offers a comprehensive and flexible toolset that allows you to create premium designs with full artistic control.

1-year subscription: RRP: $ 1,620.00 SALE: $1,215.00
3-year subscription: MSRP: $ 4,375.00 SALE: $3.281.25


3D software for computer animation, modeling, simulation and rendering. Focusing on empowering artists across the production pipeline, Autodesk® Maya® 2020 introduces new tools to help animators, modelers, riggers, and technical artists not only work faster and more intuitively, but also make the creative process more fun.

1-year subscription: RRP: $ 1,620.00 SALE: $ 1,215.00
3-year subscription: MSRP: $ 4,375.00 Sales: $ 3,281.25


CAD software for everything – now with time-saving special tools, web and mobile apps. AutoCAD® is Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that architects, engineers and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

1-year subscription: RRP: $ 1,690.00 SALE: $ 1,267.50
3-year subscription: MSRP: $ 4,565.00 SALE: $3,423.75

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30% discount on all Coremelt products – Ends today, December 3, 2020


Powered by Mocha, PaintX is a unique, fast, and powerful tool for quick repairs of all kinds while your editing is complete.

RRP: $ 99.00 SALE: $ 69.30


Instant shape tracking using Mocha's Oscar-winning planar tracking engine. Just draw a shape and hit the trace.

MSRP: $ 69.00 SALE: $ 48.30

bundle upBundle everything

Final Cut Pro X Rating, Tracking, VFX, Transitions, Filters in One Bundle!

RRP: $ 349.00 SALE: $ 244.30

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Over 50% discount on SoundToys 5 Bundle + Effects Rack! – – Ends today, December 3, 2020

Sound toysSoundToys Bundle

Soundtoys 5 brings our entire range of audio effects together in one powerful collection. Contains all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins.

RRP: $ 499.00 SALE: $ 229.00

Effects rack

Collect 14 essential Soundtoys effects in one powerful plug-in.

MSRP: $ 299.00 SALE: $ 129.00

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25% discount on all VFXER products – – Ends today, December 3, 2020

Motion designMotion design materials for Element 3D V2

100 physical materials designed exclusively for Element 3D

MSRP: $ 79.00 SALE: $ 59.25

Element 3D Materials Bundle

Get all three of our unique Element 3D material packs. Contains VFXER PRO Metals 4K for Element 3D, VFXER Motion Design materials for Element 3D and VFXER PRO Metals for Element 3D.

MSRP: $ 149.00 SALE: $ 111.75

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