Black friday plugin discounts
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Black Friday offers are live! This year we are consolidating our sales items to make it easier for you to find offers on your favorite products. This post is dedicated to all the discounts for plug-ins, workflows, and scripts.

Black Friday plug-ins, workflow & scripts discounts

This is in alphabetical order. I will give a sample of what is for sale from each company. Please note the start and end dates of the sale. Click the "Shop All … Products" button to view all sales for that particular company. Or click the "Shop Now" button below to shop for all Black Friday specials. Bookmark this page as more deals will be added as we near Black Friday.

Shopping now


50% off individual products, $ 149 bundle – Now until December 5, 2020

I want everything bundle

Get EVERYTHING (21 packages) we've ever made (plus extra extras).

RRP: $ 199.00 SALE: $149.00

seamless transitionsSeamless transitions

AEJuice Seamless Transitions is a package with more than 1600 seamless transitions for After Effects.

MSRP: $ 49.00 SALE: $24.50

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aescripts + aeplugins

25% discount on everything * – – November 30th to December 4th, 2020

Since aescripts + aeplugins products are created by a wide variety of authors, there are too many to list here. Click the Buy All Scripts button to view all products.

* Some exclusions apply

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AXYZ design

30% discount on all products – – Now until November 30, 2020

Anima Proanima Pro

anima® is the people and crowd animation application specially developed for architects and designers that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing 3D animated people! anima 4 introduces a new and unique hyper-realistic 4d person animation system that includes facial gestures and clothing movements.

MSRP: $ 325.33.00 SALE: $ 227.73

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Boris FX

50% discount on bundles (unlimited, node-locked), 25% discount on individual products – Now until November 27, 2020

BorisSapphire, Continuum, and Mocha Pro Bundle

Sapphire is the most sought-after, incomparable, workhorse plug-in suite for visual effects. The essential visual effects and motion graphics plug-in for any occasion, Continuum now includes Particle Illusion. Mocha Pro is a powerful and fast plug-in version of the award-winning motion tracking software controlled by the Mocha Planar Tracking Engine and includes Mocha VR.

MultiHost Option 1: RRP: 3995.00 USD SALE: $1,997.50

bundle upContinuum and sapphire bundle

Includes the award-winning Sapphire 2020 and Continuum 2021 at an exceptional price! Continuum is the essential plug-in for visual effects and motion graphics for any occasion. Sapphire is the most sought-after, unparalleled Work Horse visual effects plug-in suite.

Avid, Adobe, OFX: MSRP: $ 3,795.00 SALE: $2,846.25

sapphireSapphire Perpetual License

Sapphire plug-ins let you create stunning organic looks that no native host effects tool can match. Newly updated with new flares, new transitions, better OFX support and more!

RRP: $ 2,795.00 SALE: $2,096.25

mochaMocha Pro

Mocha Pro is the world famous software for planar tracking, rotoscopy and object removal. Newly updated with improved tracking, Roto and VFX!

Adobe: MSRP: $ 695.00 SALE: $521.25

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C4D stuff / Holger Biebrach (HB)

20% discount on the HB Modeling Bundle – – Now until December 1st, 2020

hb modeling packageHB modeling package

Over 70 scripts for modeling in CINEMA 4D, modeling layout and more

MSRP: $ 98.00 SALE: $ 78.40

Buy the HB Modeling Bundle


30% discount on all Coremelt products – Now until December 3, 2020


Powered by Mocha, PaintX is a unique, fast, and powerful tool for quick repairs of all kinds while your editing is complete.

RRP: $ 99.00 SALE: $ 69.30


Instant shape tracking using Mocha's Oscar-winning planar tracking engine. Just draw a shape and hit the trace.

MSRP: $ 69.00 SALE: $ 48.30

bundle upBundle everything

Final Cut Pro X Rating, Tracking, VFX, Transitions, Filters in One Bundle!

RRP: $ 349.00 SALE: $ 244.30

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diverging media

40% discount on the ScopeBox Pro subscription – Now until December 1st, 2020

ScopeboxScopeBox Pro (subscription)

Software areas for DIT, production, editing and finishing.

RRP: $ 299.00 SALE: $179.40

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Film Impact

40% discount on all Film Impact products – – Now until November 30, 2020

Newly updated with 3 new effects, major performance updates, and exciting new features.

Big BangThe Big Bang

Creative tools and premium video transitions. The Big Bang includes unlimited access to everything!

MSRP: $191.88 SALE: $ 115.13

Film effectVisions Collection

The Visions collection includes an ever-growing library of premium video transitions, stunning distortions, transformers, and dazzling lights and blurs, and the Essentials collection.

MSRP: $155.88 SALE: $93.53

essentialEssentials collection

12 uniquely designed and powerful video transitions.

MSRP: $95.88 SALE: $57.53

Buy all of Film Impact products


20% discount on all FxFactory products – – Now until November 30, 2020

fxfactory logoBecause FxFactory products are created by a wide variety of different companies, there are too many to list here. However, you can see savings on products from Crumplepop, Yanobox, PremiumVFX, Hawaiki, Luca Visual and many more. Click the "Shop All FxFactory Products" button to view all FxFactory products.

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Heyne Multimedia

25% discount on all Heyne products – – Now until November 27, 2020

journeyJOURNEY! for Cinema 4D

With DRIVE! You can easily create physically correct vehicle animations with ease. With just one click of the mouse, you get a ready-to-drive vehicle whose driving behavior can be edited using a variety of setting options.

RRP: $ 275.00 SALE: $ 206.25

Spline patchSpline Patch for Cinema 4D

Spline Patch provides C4D users with a patch modeling feature. It complements C4D's list of nurb objects and works in a very similar way. Drag and drop three or four splines surrounding the surface to be created in the spline patch object and select the number of subdivisions.

RRP: $ 110.00SALE: $ 82.50

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25% discount on all InSync products – – Now until December 1st, 2020

Frame formerFrameFormer for Premiere Standard Edition

FrameFormer is a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and Windows) that enables you to perform motion-compensated frame rates and format conversions of video material.

RRP: $ 799.00 SALE: $ 599.25

Frame formerFrameFormer for FCPX Standard Edition

InSync Technology's FrameFormer is a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X that lets you perform motion-compensated frame rates and format conversions of video material.

MSRP: $ 799.00 SALE: $ 599.25

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iToo software

28% discount on all iToo software – – Now until 5 p.m. PST, November 30, 2020

Forest packForest pack

Forest Pack is the world's most popular scattering plug-in for 3ds Max®. It offers a complete solution for creating large areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground covers, rocks and much more.

MSRP: $ 242.00 SALE: $ 175.00


RailClone is the world's most powerful artist-friendly parametric modeling plug-in for 3ds Max®. The unique array-based approach to creating assets is quick, efficient, and easy to learn.

MSRP: $ 242.00 SALE: $ 175.00

bundle upForest Pack + RailClone Bundle

HDR Light Studio Automotive offers access to the VRED, DeltaGen and Patchwork3D connections and offers customer support at the highest level.

MSRP: $ 436.00 SALE: $ 316.00

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30% discount on all products – Now until December 1st, 2020


Speed ​​up your workflow and use AutoCAD2C4D. Export all native AutoCAD objects directly into Cinema 4D. Convert your NURBS (Solids) directly into polygons.

RRP: $ 155.00 SALE: $ 108.50

Spline UV MapperSpline UV Mapper

The Spline UV Mapper tool for Cinema 4D will help you. Just add a spline that follows the geometry of your object, add a spline mapping tag, and you're good to go.

RRP: $125.00 SALE: $ 87.50

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25% discount on all Laubwerk products – – Now until December 7th, 2020

Creator solutionFoliage SurfaceSPREAD

With the SurfaceSPREAD object, you can quickly distribute large quantities of object clones on surfaces. In contrast to our foliage plants, this product is only intended for Cinema 4D.

MSRP: $110.00 SALE: $ 82.50
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Maxon & Red Giant

Upgrade specials

Maxon and Red Giant offer big savings when you upgrade from a Red Giant Perpetual Suite or a single product to Maxon One or Red Giant Complete.

Maxon oneMaxon One

Cinema 4D, Red Giant Complete and Redshift for C4D at a great price.

Upgrade from Cinema 4D for 1 year for only $ 480.00
Upgrade from Red Giant Perpetual (Suite or Individual) for just $ 719.00

Completed Red GiantRG completed

Red Giant Complete brings you the complete set of Red Giant tools at an affordable price.

Upgrade from Red Giant Perpetual (Suite or Individual) for only $ 389.00

Buy all Maxon & Red Giant products


50% discount on RenderGarden – – Now until December 31, 2020

RenderGardenRender garden

Increase your rendering speed three times on your computer and maximize your CPU cores when rendering on your network. RenderGarden is a must-have for After Effects users.

RRP: $ 99.00 SALE: $ 49.50

Get Rendergarden

Mt. Mograph

35% discount on all products – – Now until December 9, 2020


Mt. Mograph Motion v3 has more than 35 powerful tools and hundreds of controls. Motion is used by professionals around the world to create high-end motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.

RRP: $ 65.00 SALE: $ 42.25


Mt. Mograph Wander is a synchronized search engine that makes it easy to find and collect media.

MSRP: $ 50.00 SALE: $ 32.50

All shop Mograph products


Up to 40% discount on all post and live products, 20% discount on the TotalFX360 subscription – – Now until December 6, 2020

totalfx360TotalFX360 (annual subscription)

NewBlue TotalFX offers over 1,500 presets in 177 effects. This is our most comprehensive suite of title tools, transitions, filters, and video editing plugins.

MSRP: $ 239.40 SALE: $ 191.52

Ultimate filterFilter Ultimate

Set the tone of your production with Filters 5 Ultimate. With 27 color enhancing effects that make it easy to restore the look of films with color and grain, add organic light leaks, and improve the quality of your footage.

MSRP: $ 299.00 SALE: $179.40

stabilizerEssentials Stabilizer

The stabilizer analyzes the video to identify and correct areas of instability. When shooting in hand, this groundbreaking plugin quickly smooths out shaky footage.

MSRP: $ 99.00 SALE: $59.40

titler proTitler Pro

Set the tone of your production with Filters 5 Ultimate. With 27 color enhancing effects that make it easy to restore the look of films with color and grain, add organic light leaks, and improve the quality of your footage.

MSRP: $ 499.00 SALE: $299.40

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Next limit

50% discount on new licenses, 30% discount on upgrades and crossgrades – – Now until November 30, 2020

real flow c4dRealFlow | 4D cinema

RealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best liquid simulation right in Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even simpler workflow.

New node-locked license: MSRP: $ 795.00 SALE: $ 397.50
Upgrade: MSRP: $ 545.00 SALE: $381.50

MaxwellMaxwell | 3ds max

Maxwell | 3ds Max integrates seamlessly so that you can work comfortably in the 3ds Max interface. It brings you advanced Maxwell render technology in a simple, stand-alone package.

New Node-Locked License: MSRP: $ 595.00 SALE: $ 297.50
Upgrade: MSRP: $ 375.00 SALE: $262.50

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20% discount on selected products – Now until December 2nd, 2020

Frame formerScreenFlow

Video editing and screen recording software for Mac.

RRP: $ 129.00 SALE: $103.20

WirecastWirecast Pro

Regardless of the scope of your production, whether you're streaming from your home office or from the main stage of a sold out music festival, Wirecast lets you share your passions with the world – live.

MSRP: $ 799.00 SALE: $639.20

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25% discount on all Thinkinetic products – – Now until November 30, 2020

pulldownitPulldownit for 3ds max

Pulldownit is a dynamics solver that enables the creation of fractions as well as the simulation of massive rigid bodies for 3ds Max.

MSRP: $320.00 SALE: $ 240.00

pulldownitPulldownit for Maya

Pulldownit is a dynamics solver that enables the creation of fractions as well as massive simulations of rigid bodies for Maya.

MSRP: $320.00 SALE: $ 240.00

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Time pixels

Up to 40% discount – Now until November 29, 2020

OmniscopeNobe OmniScope

Nobe OmniScope is packed with powerful features that make color correction easy.

RRP: $ 399.00 SALE: $339.15

Nobe color remapNobe Color Remap

Insanely easy remapping of Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity right in DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and Photoshop!

Editor version: MSRP: $115.00 SALE: $69.00

Buy all Timeinpixel products


25% discount on all VFXER products – – Now until December 3, 2020

Motion designMotion design materials for Element 3D V2

100 physical materials designed exclusively for Element 3D

MSRP: $ 79.00 SALE: $ 59.25

Element 3D Materials Bundle

Get all three of our unique Element 3D material packs. Contains VFXER PRO Metals 4K for Element 3D, VFXER Motion Design materials for Element 3D and VFXER PRO Metals for Element 3D.

MSRP: $ 149.00 SALE: $ 111.75

Buy all VFXER products

Video co-pilot

25% discount on all Video Copilot products – Now until November 30, 2020

Element 3dElement 3D

Lightning-fast 3D particle array system and text generation system for motion design and visual FX artists

RRP: $199.95 SALE: $ 149.96

pull outPull out

Video Copilot Twitch is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that lets you create stylistic video effects by synchronizing random operators including a blur operator, a color operator, a light operator, a scale operator, a slide operator, and a time operator.

MSRP: $45.00 SALE: $ 33.75

Heat distortionHeat distortion

Heat Distortion is a plug-in that simulates realistic heat waves and distortion. Offers advanced sound options, wind, and more!

RRP: $24.95 SALE: $ 18.71

Light bundle3D light bundle

Includes Element 3D v2, Pro Shaders 2 and BackLight

RRP: $299.95 SALE: $ 224.96

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