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Treat yourself to a 50% discount on RenderGarden for After Effects this holiday season and increase your rendering speed three times! The sale starts on November 26th and runs until December 31st, 2020.


50% discount on RenderGarden – – November 26th to December 31st, 2020

Increase your rendering speed three times on your computer and maximize your CPU cores when rendering on your network. RenderGarden is a must-have for After Effects users.

RenderGarden is an Adobe After Effects script that breaks your composition down into a number of segments (which we call seeds) and then renders them into multiple background command-line windows (which we call Gardeners). By segmenting the comp into multiple seeds, you can fully maximize your CPU cores on a single computer or on multiple computers with network rendering.

Increased rendering speeds

  • Render 2-3x faster with hyper-threaded rendering.
  • Maximize the CPU usage of your Mac or PC.
  • Render multiple frames at the same time.
  • Render multiple compositions one at a time or in parallel.

Network rendering

  • Set up several computers in your network.
  • Render QuickTime / AVI movies or image sequences.
  • Hyper-threaded rendering is supported on each rendering node.
  • Easy to set up. No custom scripts or network configurations.
  • Unlimited licensing of render nodes.

More information Try Rendergarden for free!


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