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Blackmagic Design announces the new Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro Switcher, updates for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras and the HyperDeck Minis.

Today, the Blackmagic Design team announced the new ATEM Mini Pro, which will be an upgrade specifically as a switcher, but it will really be a big upgrade for anyone who wants to stream content. The new ATEM Mini Pro basically has everything you need OBS for. Now it is integrated and you can access it from the ATEM software control panel.

You can simply open a window, select the streaming service you want to use, and then enter your stream key. As soon as you have connected the ATEM to the streaming site that you normally use, there is a button on the switcher itself with which you can start live streaming in one fell swoop. It has four inputs – all HDMI at the moment, but hopefully an SDI model will be announced in the future.

(The choice for HDMI is obvious because it is aimed at people who stream with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cameras. They also received a free update that enables them to communicate with your software. With this update, the CCU – Software enabled (you have tally lights with a live message that appears when the camera starts up and a standby function for each camera you have set for preview.)

The new ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design.

The output is now also transferred directly from the ATEM Mini to the Internet so that it is no longer compressed twice. This device also records your streams directly on external hard drives. You can isolate any source for recording and have the option to re-edit the stream as desired.

The switch can interfere with time codes for all of your cameras. So when you call up the footage for post-production, every camera is synchronized. And since you can now color the cameras live on the camera via DaVinci Resolve, the actual recordings retain their raw cinema quality, so that you can assign a different color mix to the footage based on the quality. The ATEM Mini Pro scales with any hardware you may have, so you can use it to stream while using larger professional switches that you may have. This gives you more physical control over your production.

(I wish they had added a physical T-Bar to the Mini Pro. Of course there is a digital one, but I love being in control of a physical T-Bar while I switch live productions, especially concerts.)

The ATEM mini Pro will be available for retail at $ 595.

BREATH Mini Pro retail price

The ATEM Mini costs $ 295. The ATEM Mini Pro costs $ 595.

The toggle also has a great multi-view where you can include graphics channels, audio monitoring (where you can turn the built-in camera microphones on and off), preview, program, and window for each source that you can easily renumber. You can also assign your sources. For example, if you have a laptop with a PowerPoint presentation to run on a projector, you can do so while switching the other sources like your cameras in the live feed.

Multi-view function

The multi-view function of the switch.

In addition, a software update has been added to the regular ATEM Mini, which offers you a preview and on-air screen overlay, live color correction, amplification and iris control – and works smoothly with the pocket camera with Update 8.2. (The camera update for the pockets to make this work is the 6.9 software update.)

Most recently, they updated the HyperDeck Studio Mini, which can now record at least three hours for one file. It has real interlaced h.264 files with higher quality and improved functionality for playing files on the ATEM switch. And they have almost doubled the read / write speed of your external storage devices to 110 megabits / s.

HyperDeck Studio Mini

Also updated: the HyperDeck Studio Mini.

This is a great update, especially for anyone interested in professional streams with multiple cinema cameras. The amount of equipment this box can replace is amazing, and the built-in OBS bypass streaming software (and it seems incredibly easy to use / understand) is a game changer. And the whole thing is smaller than a laptop.

It will be really exciting to see how people use the ATEM Mini Pro in productions all over the world. A visit is definitely worthwhile.

Cover picture about Blackmagic Design.

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