Blackmagic RAW Comes to Nikon Z7 and Z6 Mirrorless Cameras
Nikon Blackmagic.jpg

Unlock Blackmagic RAW on your Nikon Z7 or Z6.

Nikon has released firmware version 3.2, which adds 12-bit Blackmagic RAW to its external RAW options for mirrorless Z7 and Z6 cameras. With the update, shooters can now record both ProRes RAW and BRAW externally.

For those who have already purchased the Nikon RAW Upgrade Package, the firmware is instantly downloadable for use. Once updated, the Z7 and Z6 can be paired with a Blackmagic Video Assist to record BRAW over the HDMI connection. The upgrade offers 12-bit RAW in 4K UHD up to 30p or Full HD video.

For those recording ProRes RAW on an Atomos Ninja V, the firmware also provides compatibility with the ISO and color temperature controls in Apple's Final Cut Pro version (10.4.9).

For those looking to add the Nikon RAW update, it costs $ 199.95 and needs to be sent to a Nikon service facility. Z7 II and Z6 II owners should expect a firmware update to include Blackmagic RAW support in 2021.

You are downloading firmware version 3.2 for the Nikon Z 7 here and Z 6 here.


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