Blackmagic's New Fairlight Desktop Console Makes Mixing Sound Easier
Fairlight Console.jpg

Update your Fairlight sound mixing skills with the new Blackmagic audio console.

Blackmagic released DaVinci Resolve 17 today. The new hardware, including a new speed editor and the Fairlight Desktop Console, will save you time on your mix.

main features

  • Channel status indicators
  • Multifunction pan button
  • Channel Strip Controls
  • Motorized faders
  • Monitor controls
  • External HDMI monitoring

The Fairlight Desktop Console is a portable audio control surface that allows you to mix multiple tracks at the same time. It has 12 motorized faders, precision controls and illuminated buttons for quick channel identification. Users can use the knobs and buttons to control channel parameters, EQ, dynamics, plug-ins, and more. In addition, each fader has an integrated LCD above the channel strip, on which the track information is displayed. There is also an HDMI output that customers can use to connect a display.

There's a lot to like about the console. A selection function for control functions allows you to assign the buttons and knobs on the control panel for different purposes. You can quickly choose between master and channel control, panning, plug-in control, EQ, dynamics and more. In addition, the Fairlight Desktop Console uses the same high quality faders as the full-size modular studio consoles.

The Fairlight Desktop Console doesn't ship until December and costs $ 3,495.


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