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Hello! I'm sorry for the late answer. There's been a lot going on in my life in the past few months. I have been looking for VFX jobs literally all over the world but I can't find any. So I decided to go back to what I was originally doing: creating indie games.

I am currently releasing a cross-platform multiplayer game (a solo project so a lot of work beyond development like submitting it to the Steam / App Store and creating all the visual and textual metadata etc) "Afk "of VFX stuff. I have to heal my broken heart (I'm just having fun)

For color gradients, however, I only use a static (pre-rendered / serialized) image with Lerp. I recently had to update my operating system and format my entire hard drive so that everything is currently on a backup disk somewhere. However, I remember having an editor script for Unity that can be used to "serialize" standard Unity gradients into a small PNG file. This is how I create my history maps most of the time. I'll post the script here when I have time to restore my projects. I consider myself to be "Anti-Flipbook" Artists. Among all of the vfx I've posted here, none use flipbooks other than the fire loop I made with Houdini. All the others are basically some UV magic! : smiley:

P.S: Check out the trailer for my game mentioned above if you're interested : slight smile: Hopefully it will be released on Steam and the App Store next month like this.

mini PVP is now available on Steam! Woohooooo!


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