Brazilian League of Legends Finals
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The final of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship 2020 opened with director Jannerson Xavier and the crew of the animation studio Histeria in São Paulo! Turn your hometown into a huge LoL match full of street art, VFX and typography.

EP / Animator Gabriela Zaneti at Histeria !: “(We were) invited for the third time by Riot Games Brasil to create the opening show for the final of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship.

“We were challenged to create an eye-catching film that could be broadcast to thousands of people online. With staying in isolation at home, we've decided it's time for the LoL Champions to take over town.

“League of Legends has a huge and active community and we wanted to celebrate it. The idea of ​​having huge LoL characters in the movie stems from this metaphor: when real players and fans signed up, League of Legends took over the real world along with LoL's stylish graffiti art on walls and buildings.

“All of this is driven by the sound of Brazilian DJ / producer Vintage Culture and Haikaiss rapper Pedro Qualy.

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Opening of the Brazil League of Legends 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Riot Games Brasil
Creative director: Daniel Gouw
Visual designer: Bruce Arbex
Video producer: Daniel Araújo

Production: Histeria!
Director: Jannerson Xavier
History: Riot Games Brasil, Jannerson Xavier
Art director and concept artist: Daniel Kano
Executive producers: Daniel Gouw, Jannerson Xavier, Marcelo Moreno, Daniel Kano
Editor: Jannerson Xavier
Colorist: Lucas Silva Campos

Animation: Histeria!
Motion Graphics and VFX Director: Jannerson Xavier
Executive Producer: Marcelo Moreno, Gabriela Zaneti
Storyboard / animation: Jannerson Xavier, Daniel Kano, Victor Tchaba, Jon Suguiyama, Mateus Carvalho
Illustration and design: Daniel Kano, Mateus Carvalho, Victor Tchaba, Jon Suguiyama
Motion graphics: Vinicius Almeida, Thais F. Perissinoto, Samantha Oda, Gabriela Zaneti
VFX: Jannerson Xavier, Daniel Kano and Gabriela Zaneti
2D compositing: Gabriela Zaneti and Samantha Oda
3D director and executive producer: Paulo Sampaio
Technical Director: Yohann da Geb
Producer: Paulo Sampaio
CG supervisors: Paulo Sampaio and Yohann da Geb
Modeling: Saulo Bonatto and Steferson Rocha
Original models from Riot Games
Rigging: Thiago Valentin
Layout camera and animation: Bernardo Teuber Pereira
Animation director: Bruno Monteiro
Animation supervisors: Rodrigo Dutra and Francisco Catão
Animation artists: Diego de Paula, Rafael Polanczyk, Robson Ribeiro, Mariana Galvão, Marcelo
Zanin, Rafael Albuquerque, Jonathan Edward, Rodrigo Mendes, Hannry Pschera,
Matheus Caetano, Leonardo Felix, Gabriel Souza, Christian Weckl, Emerson
Manfrin, Bruno Santos, Mariane Tostes, Karina Chung, Bruno Largura, Lennon
Valinhas, Daniel Esteves Oliveira and Bernardo Teuber Pereira
Lookdev artists: Paulo Sampaio and Maurício Alvarenga
Light artists: Paulo Sampaio, Mauricio Alvarenga and Yohann da Geb
Wranglers render farm: Paulo Sampaio and Yohann da Geb
Pipeline: Paulo Sampaio and Yohann da Geb
Pipeline tools: Joaquim Nazário
HDRI drone operator: Thiago Cunha
Matchmove artists: Paulo Sampaio and Enrico Guarischi
Preparatory artists and roto: Guilherme Sarinho, Leandro Amorim, Bruno Flores and Enrico Guarisch
CG composers: Paulo Sampaio and Yohann da Geb
I.T.Studio: Yohann da Geb

Live Action Production: Abacateiro Films
Live Action Director and Executive Producer: Guilherme Beltrami
Production manager: Thais Gaal
Producer: Paulo Chun
Production design and production assistant: Shay Peled
Assistant: Thais Vallim
Cinematographer / Cinematographer: Paulo Chou
1st assistant camera: Rodrigo Schwanz de Almeida
Gaffer: Roberto Luiz Freitas Barbosa
1. Gaffer Assistant: Eduardo Mizael
2. Gaffer Assistant: Danilo Aparecido Rodrigues
Make-up artist: Florha Amaral
Logger: Junior Batista
Drone operator: Emerson Pena
Assistant / Drone Operator: Adriano
Camera drone operators: Roseane Romão and Danilo Diniz
Bodyguard: Willian Moura
Driver: Celso Sunto

Riot Games Musical director: Samuel Ferrari
Song: Somos Um Só (Final CBLOL 2020)
Artist: Vintage Culture, Pedro Qualy
Original song: Samuel Ferrari, Pedro Henrique Venturelli Antunes da Silva, Cesar Souza
Funck, Andrew Polychronopoulos, Adam Kershen and Lukas Ruiz Hespanhol
Text: Pedro Qualy
Record production: Aufruhr, Samuel Ferrari, Cesar Souza Funck, Andrew Polychronopoulos,
Adam Kershen, Lukas Ruiz Hespanhol
Song mix: Pimpo Gama, Samuel Ferrari, Clóvis Vilela
Sound FX and film mix: Danilo Battistini, Glauber Coelho
Produced in the studios of mdois and Vintage Culture


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