Breakthrough Photography Filters for Canon EF-EOS R Adapter Introduced
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Breakthrough Photography has just launched a range of filters for the Canon EF to EOS R filter adapter. There are currently 22 filters to choose from, including neutral density, dark CPL, night sky, infrared, circular polarizers, variable ND and black and white polarizers. If you want to use EF lenses with the Canon EOS R5 / R6 or RED Komodo, let's take a closer look at this great creative option.

Breakthrough photography drop-in filter

Breakthrough Photography is an American company specializing in photo / video filters. You just launched a new line of drop-in filters that are compatible with the Canon EF to EOS R lens adapter with drop-in filter.

The Canon EF to EOS R lens mount adapter with drop-in filter. Photo credit: Canon

The Canon EF to EOS R lens mount adapter with drop-in filter is available with either a Clear, PL, or VND filter. This Canon lens adapter allows you to attach filters behind your EF lens, which is extremely convenient. For example, if you have wide-angle lenses without a front thread for attaching filters. This adapter was very versatile for filmmakers, as it gives every RF mount camera a kind of "built-in" variable ND filter. In fact, that's why I called the Canon EOS R "Mini C200" thanks to the EF-EOS R lens adapter with drop-in filters.


22 Filters – Infinite possibilities

The Breakthrough Photography series currently consists of 22 drop-in filters, including:

  • Neutral density drop-in filters in various strengths, including 3, 6 and 10 levels of light reduction for the X2 version. This filter is also available as an X4 version with better light transmission and two additional 10/15 strengths.
  • Variable ND: VND-R from 2-10 stops and DARK VND-R from 10-16 stops of light reduction.
  • Circular polarizers / CPL with two versions – X2 and X4 – with different light transmission functions.
  • Dark CPL.
  • Night sky.
  • Infrared 720nm for creative effects.
  • Black and white polarizers with red, orange, yellow and green filters.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

Each drop-in filter category has a different color code for easy identification. For example, CPL filters have a green setting ring, while VND filters have a gray one.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

In addition, each drop-in filter has a rubberized handle, which is also color-coded.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

Breakthrough photography drop-in filter image quality

According to Breakthrough Photography:

The Canon Drop-In CPL offers an impressive average light transmission of 43.06% and thus surpasses any filter manufacturer with the exception of the X4 CPL.

The average light transmission of X4 CPL is 50.64%, which moderately exceeds the Canon Drop-In CPL.

The average light transmission of X2 CPL is 42.44%, slightly lower than that of Canon Drop-In CPL, while surpassing all leading CPL manufacturers.

The X4-CPL moderately outperforms the Canon drop-in CPL in color casts, while maintaining somewhat more neutral performance with higher overall light transmission.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

The company also claims that the X4 ND services outperform industry-leading manufacturers such as Singh-Ray, B + W and Lee.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

Finally, the VND-R and Dark VND-R dropdown filters eliminate the “X pattern” and have slightly better color cast performance than the Canon VND dropdown filter.

Photo credit: breakthrough photography

Pricing and availability

Breakthrough photography drop-in filters can be purchased individually – with prices ranging from $ 79.00 to $ 199.00 – or as bundles from $ 179.00. The bundles come with a cool-looking storage case that also acts as an 18% gray reference card for your camera's white balance.

Of course, you will need the Canon EF-EOS R drop-in filter holder adapter to use these filters if you don't already have them. This costs $ 299.00 with a CPL filter or $ 399.00 with a variable ND filter.

All drop-in filters should be delivered from September. You can already pre-order. For more information, visit the Breakthrough Photography website here.

What do you think of these drop-in filters? Are you considering using it with your Canon EOS R5 / R6 or RED Komodo? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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