Brizo Jason Wu by Carbon
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Director Liam Chapple and the crew from Carbon create a luxurious and fascinating full CG spot showing the collaboration between the American faucet brand Brizo and the artist / fashion designer Jason Wu through the Young & Larrimore agency in Indianapolis.

Liam Chapple: “When the lovely people at Y & L entrusted us with writing, designing and leading this project, we were thrilled. One of our favorite pastimes is an open assignment, as we can flex our creative and technical muscles at the same time.

“We knew it had to look like a high-end fashion, luxury goods, or tech brand piece, so we really chose the macrostructural elements and abstraction and made the three states of water our core theme.

“Working closely with Whitehouse Post editor Dan Zabinski and Wave Studios sound designer Chris Afzal, we developed a number of procedural growth systems using a Houdini / Nuke pipeline.

“This allowed us to propagate large-scale, highly detailed flower arrangements and bring them into full bloom, with complete control over timing, position, flower type and flowering speed.

“The team first modeled the flowers and leaves, then built a number of different branching and growth systems that allowed us to add the blooming flowers to points that could be assigned around the spaces with incredible flexibility.

“The technical aspects posed some challenges when we decided on a Houdini / Arnold workflow. This was a first for us as we have traditionally used a Maya / Vray approach.

“That decision was key so that we could really push the boat out in terms of scale, level of detail, dynamic simulation, cloth and particle FX without having to pass things on to Maya / Vray.

"Once in the can, we used Nke's amazing assembly toolset and added lighting choices to give 2D artists more freedom to play with the atmospheric look we wanted."

Brizo Jason Wu from Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

Brizo Jason Wu from Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

Brizo Jason Wu from Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

Brizo Jason Wu from Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

Brizo Jason Wu from Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Brizo
Agency: Young & Laramore
Executive Creative Director: Trevor Williams
Account Director: Gina Caratelli

Production: carbon
Director: Liam Chapple
Executive Creative Director: Liam Chapple
Executive Producer: Nick Haynes
Producer: Beth Skopp
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Color assistant: Briana Bracket, Ale Amato
Main flame artist: Chris Wiseman
Nuke artists: Jen Howard, Fred Kim
Main CGI Artist: Frank Grecco

Designer: Dorian Gourg

Edit: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Dan Zabinski

Music: Sixty-four music

Sound design: wave
Sound designer: Chris Afzal
Mix: Chris Afzal


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