CAME-TV Launches New Sony a7S III Camera Rig
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For most indie filmmakers, premium gear remains a dream. High price numbers for quality accessories easily double the investment in this shiny new camera. So what can you do CAME-TV is a Chinese manufacturer that offers decent equipment with price tags that won't burn a hole in your pocket. The latest offering is a full 15mm camera rig specially designed for Sony's mirrorless a7 cameras, including the latest and greatest Sony a7S III (read our review here).

CAME-TV Sony camera rig

This new rig contains everything you need to get started: a camera cage for mounting accessories such as B. the included handle, a 15mm pole riser plate, a kit of two 200mm poles, a simple clip-on matte box with a filter tray, complete with a carbon fiber flag and a tracking focus.

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All of this is $ 488, which seems like a reasonable deal indeed. Of course, this set can't compete with high-end offerings, but to be honest, you get what you pay for. To help you get started with your new Sony a7S III, this kit may be just the thing without breaking the bank.

Which Sony cameras fit?

The CAME-TV Sony Camera Rig not only fits the latest Sony a7S III, but also a whole range of Sony cameras of similar size and shape:

  • Sony a7S III, Sony a7S II
  • Sony a7R IV, Sony a7R III, Sony a7R II
  • Sony a7M III, Sony a7M II
  • Sony a9 MII, Sony a9


There are, of course, a number of other manufacturers in the market offering rigging solutions for the new a7S III. You may want to try products from SHAPE (read article here), SmallRig (article here), or Tilta (article here). The Tilta cage has a pretty aggressive price tag, but it's just a cage. There is no tracking focus or mating field included.

Prices and availability

The CAME-TV Sony Camera Rig is available now for $ 488. You can download it directly from the CAME TV website.

what's includedPhoto credit: CAME TV

This rig seems like a great deal if you don't insist on going only with premium gear for premium money. With the CAME TV offering, you can get up and running at a very affordable price and get the most out of your Sony mirrorless camera in terms of video.

matt boxPhoto credit: CAME TV

What do you think? Could this kit be a good addition to your Sony camera? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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