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The manufacturer of lighting equipment CAME-TV has released new power supply solutions. A small, versatile V-mount battery and rechargeable AA batteries that come with a matching charger.

Sometimes it feels like everything on a set – except for a roll of gaffer tape – is powered by batteries these days. Many devices have built-in batteries, but luckily, many still use standard batteries. Now CAME-TV has released new batteries in two of the most popular "formats" in the industry.

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-mount battery

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-mount battery. Photo credit: CAME TV

The widely used V-mount (or V-lock) battery mount was developed by Sony camcorders in the late 1980s. Many cameras and accessories come with V-brackets. Additionally, third-party V-mount battery plates can be purchased to power even the most demanding camera rigs on the market. This makes the V-bracket one of the most popular brackets ever.

The Mini 99 battery from CAME-TV holds 99 Wh (6875 mAh) in eight Samsung 18650 lithium-ion cells. The case is about 10x5x7 centimeters and weighs a little more than half a kilo.

Dimensions of the CAME-TV Mini 99 V-mount battery. Photo credit: CAME TVDimensions of the CAME-TV Mini 99 V-mount battery. Photo credit: CAME TV

That's a lot of juice to keep smaller cameras and a few accessories running for a reasonable period of time. The Mini 99 can also provide power for most larger professional cameras if the weight or size of larger batteries is an issue.

The IATA (International Air Traffic Agency) sets a limit of 100 Wh for batteries. The 99Wh of the Mini 99 is comfortably below this limit. Please, however always check with your airline before flying on batteries.

Apart from the V-mount connections, the Came-TV Mini 99 has two D-tap outputs (max. 14.4 V / 15 A) and a USB output (max. 5 V / 2.1 A). Enough to turn on camera accessories or even charge a phone.

MINI 99 V-Mount battery clampsCAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount battery clips. Photo credit: CAME TV

Five LEDs can show the battery level on the side of the case. A lanyard hole can be used to attach a lanyard (supplied) to the battery. Even if I'm not sure why I want to hang a V-Lock battery on a light stand, it can be useful to have a hole to attach something to.

CAME-TV AA batteries 4-pack and 8-pack

The most ubiquitous battery in the world is without a doubt the humble AA cell. It is better known as the "Walkman Battery".

CAME-TV 18650 pack of 8 + charger.CAME-TV 18650 pack of 8 + charger. Photo credit: CAME TV

CAME-TV offers a pack of 4 and a pack of 8 high-quality Samsung Lithium Ion 18650 cells in combination with a charger with 4 slots. CAME-TV designates a capacity of 3500 mAh per cell.

The only downside I can see is the fact that CAME TV doesn't offer extra batteries without a charger.

Prices and availability

The CAME-TV Mini 99 is available for $ 145 for a single pack and $ 245 for a two-pack.

The 6-pack 18650 plus charger is $ 65, while the 8-pack plus charger is $ 98.

Please use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. Be it in the private household or on a film set. It's good for the environment and can save you a penny or two over the years. In addition, they often deliver more juice for longer than disposable batteries.

What do you think of the mini V-mount battery trend? Does it help you on your travels? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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