CamTrackAR exports camera tracks to Blender for free
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CamTrackAR exports camera tracks to Blender for free

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

FXhome has released CamTrackAR, a new iOS app that, in addition to video material recorded on an iPhone or iPad, also records 3D tracking data and exports it to Blender, HitFilm or After Effects.

Blender and HitFilm users can export data for free. The paid version of the app is also exported to After Effects and allows you to add more than one anchor point to a 3D scene to improve the quality of the track.

Record 3D camera tracks in real time, even on older iPhones
CamTrackAR generates a 3D track for an iOS device so that the data can be imported into a compositing package in addition to the video material and a virtual camera movement can be generated automatically.

It is based on ARKit, Apple's augmented reality framework, but in contrast to free iOS mocap apps such as Live Link Face or Moves by Maxon from Epic Games, it does not require a TrueDepth camera.

That means it should work with relatively old phones: ARKit apps work with the iPhone 6s and later.

Suitable for prosumer work and as quick on-site work
Compared to processing existing video material in special 3D tracking software like SynthEyes, the workflow in CamTrackAR is much easier and the control options are much more limited.

Users simply line up a floor grid to the ground plane in the camera view and then add anchor points to improve the stability of the track. The free version of the app is limited to one anchor. The paid version is unlimited.

The movement of the camera is then recorded in real time along with the video material.

FXhome is not only aimed at artists who routinely record footage on iPhones such as YouTubers, but also describes CamTrackAR as “a simple solution for professionals who need quick pre-visualization”.

System requirements and availability
CamTrackAR is available for iOS 13.2+. A list of compatible iPhone and iPad models can be found here.

The free version of the app limits users to a single anchor point in a scene and only exports to Blender and HitFilm, FXhome's own video editing, compositing and effects software.

The paid version costs $ 29.99 or $ 4.99 / month and is also exported to After Effects.

More information about CamTrackAR can be found on the FXhome website

Download the free iOS camera tracking app CamTrackAR from the App Store

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