Upper Hand animated characters
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From the Niceshit studio in Barcelona: “The team at Upper Hand, a Germany-based startup that specializes in developing premium masks, t-shirts and hoodies with antibacterial technology to keep you safe in these strange times contacted us.

“We helped them create a series of illustrations and short animations to launch their products. We also designed their logo and helped them visualize some of the features of their products.

“The simple but super cute characters help visualize the five main characteristics of Upper Hand products: breathability, protection, comfort, recycling and antibacterial technology.

“Our biggest challenge was to come up with the best, most effective ideas to explain each of the benefits. As usual, we started formulating the most complex ideas and then minimizing the visual elements that can explain the concepts quickly and instantly. "

Customer: Upper hand

Production: Niceshit
Creative director: Rodier Kidmann, Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini
EP: Agusta Timotea
Illustrated: Rodier Kidmann
Animator: Guido Lambertini, Ana Freitas


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