Vehicle smoke emitter advice - Real Time VFX
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Hello everyone again

I was hoping you could all help with a problem with smoke from a fast moving vehicle.

I've tried some solutions to the problem, but I am asking the question of whether it looks very strange in the local space if the smoke doesn't react or lag with movement, or if it's not used locally, the particles must have a very short lifespan to look compelling and not create big trails behind a fast moving vehicle. Also, if I reduce the lifetime of the particles in non-local space, they look pretty unconvincing when they are not moving.

My particle systems have the usual quick spawn setup etc (spawn per unit etc)

My options for me are either:

  1. Assigning lifetime and other attributes that change through a design based on speed
  2. Have a slower speed and faster speed variations that I mix between at some point

I just wanted to ask people with more experience if I am missing something really obvious here or if one of the above mentioned paths is the right one. Should I make a cloud of smoke out of a tape? That doesn't seem feasible to me …

Thank you again for reading this wall of text!


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