Cartoon Saloon’s Tomm Moore to Present ‘Wolfwalkers’ at View 2020
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VIEW conference has confirmed the participation of Cartoon Saloon's co-founder and creative director, Tomm Moore, in next month's upcoming annual conference. In a 90-minute session, Moore and his creative team offer VIEW participants detailed insights into the making of Wolfwalkers, the studio's newest animated feature, which he staged together with Ross Stewart. The film will be broadcast worldwide on Apple TV + in autumn 2020.

Together with co-directors Moore and Stewart, Wolfwalker's assistant director Mark Mullery, character designer Sandra Andersen, art director Maria Pareja and animation supervisor Svend Rothmann Bonde are invited to this detailed presentation.

Set in the mid-17th century, Wolfwalkers follows the fate of young hunter Robyn Goodfellow (Honor Kneafsey) when she joins her father in destroying Ireland's last pack of wolves. Robyn teams up with the lively Mebh MacTire (Eva Whittaker) and soon learns that her new friend is a member of a pack of shape-shifting werewolves. As she delves deeper into her world of superstition and magic, Robyn risks being prey in her father's deadly quest.

The Wolfwalkers creative team delved deeply into a rich source of Irish folklore, drawing inspiration from local Kilkenny legends such as "The Man-Wolves of Ossory".

"We were inspired by these legends from our region to talk about the extinction of species, which is unfortunately still relevant today," said Moore. "The story was also influenced by coming-of-age friendship films like Son of Rambow, and of course the themes of Princess Mononoke were very relevant too."

Further inspiration came from the comic art of Cyril Pedrosa and Emily Hughes and the expressive animation style of The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Previous cartoon saloon films include Oscar nominees The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. Like its predecessors, Wolfwalkers features an impressive hand-drawn style that is distinctly different from many contemporary animated features.

"We believe that by working with the hand-drawn traditions we can offer something timeless," added Moore. "We can draw on the rich visual language of illustration in ways that CG can't, and I hope our films don't look as old as CG, which is constantly evolving towards realism."

In search of a classic illustrative look, the Cartoon Saloon team is constantly looking for and promoting new talent.

"The success of the hand-drawn Renaissance has made it harder to find artists recently," Moore continued. “Klaus was in production at the same time as we were, as was Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary. We ended up with a younger crew and lots of old friends who we had worked with on previous productions. I think these young artists are essential to the medium. Many of them take a new approach and can easily incorporate classical techniques while taking advantage of the efficiency and quality improvements of TVPaint Animation and other 2D software. "

Wolfwalkers is a traditional tale of magic and superstition, and rich in elements that form the root of storytelling.

"I think these stories serve as vessels for wisdom and truth from a bygone era," reflected Moore. “We can keep breaking it down to know that we are in danger of losing in the modern world. I think they are in some ways timeless and at the same time not precious or set in stone. These stories can be retold by any generation, with each new storyteller adding and subtracting everything necessary to speak to our time. It's like a relay race where a baton is passed from the past to the present and further into the future. "

"We are fortunate to enjoy the work of such wonderful storytellers as Cartoon Saloon," said conference leader Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez. "Your exquisite films shed light on forgotten folklore and make these old stories relevant again in a way that illuminates our modern life beautifully and meaningfully."

The international VIEW conference, Italy's first event for computer graphics, interactive and immersive media, animation, visual effects, games, real-time rendering, virtual production, AI, VR, AR and mixed reality, brings top professionals from these fields to the world beautiful baroque city of Turin, Italy for a week with lectures, presentations and workshops.

The VIEW 2020 conference will take place virtually in Turin's state-of-the-art OGR venue from October 18-23. "Since the VIEW conference will be both online and on-site this year, we are taking the wonderful opportunity to involve notable experts from all over the world," says conference leader Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez. "VIEW 2020 is going to be amazing."

The VIEW 2020 conference is made possible thanks to the support of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, the CRT Fondazione, the Piemonte region, Città di Torino and the OGR.

Registration is now open. Additional information can be found at the event website.

Source: View conference


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