Chaos Czech releases Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D
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Chaos Czech releases Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Chaos Czech has released Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D, the latest version of the Cinema 4D edition of the renderer, with a new sky model and improved texture randomization.

The version also implements key features of V-Ray, Corona Renderer's sister renderer, including the distance map, adaptive environment sensing, and improved control of bloom and glare.

The update is not compatible: Changes to the node editor to improve stability mean that scenes created in Corona Renderer 6 are no longer loaded in earlier versions.

The 3ds Max edition of the renderer will ship next week.

The new sky model creates more realistic outdoor lighting
The headline of Corona Renderer 6 is the new Sky model, which attracted a lot of attention when Chaos Czech released a teaser video for it earlier this year and which was later incorporated into V-Ray 5.

It's most useful for dawn and dusk scenes as it gives more accurate results when the sun is just below the horizon. However, Chaos Czech says it also helps remove the shade of green from daylight scenes.

As with the old model, users can create multiple sun and sky settings for a scene and then use Corona's LightMix system to generate multiple time-of-day variations of a rendering, although the cloudiness of the sky is not yet supported.

The version also improves texture randomization as the CoronaUvwRandomizer card now supports random texture tiles, as well as scaling, offset and rotation.

Features of V-Ray: new distance map, adaptive environment sampler and controls for bloom and glare
In addition, Corona Renderer gets a number of features from V-Ray, including the distance map, which generates a gradient based on the distance of a point from one surface to another object.

Suggested uses include creating dirt and scuff where two objects meet and creating ripples in the water around rocks or boats; It can also be used to control Cinema 4D's native MoGraph effects.

The update also adds an Adaptive Environment Sampler, based on V-Ray technology, which removes the need to add light portals to interior scenes to mimic the light coming in through windows and doors.

There are also new bloom and glare controls based on V-Ray's lens effects, but with a “simplified” user interface.

Structural changes: Compatibility violating update of the node editor, experimental 4K GI cache
Under the hood, Chaos Czech has reworked Corona Renderer's knot editor to improve stability and make it possible to connect a shader with many materials or material inputs in a scene.

This is a change that affects the compatibility, so that scenes saved in Corona Renderer 6 are not loaded in earlier versions.

The version also introduces a 4K cache for global lighting, which enables "faster pre-calculation and playback on high-end computers" and is closer to full path tracking than the old UHD cache.

It's still officially an experimental feature and needs to be activated manually: the UHD cache remains the default setting.

Additional functions: Support of the Cinema 4D color space, improved interactive rendering and rendering masks
Further changes concern the support of the native color space of Cinema 4D in the Corona VFB. This means that the render previews in the image memory and in the Cinema 4D picture viewer should be displayed identically.

The renderer now also supports blue noise dithering to make interactive rendering “more useful” by creating a less visually distracting distribution of noise in low-pass renderings.

In addition, masks used to render elements, such as those created by ID mats, now spread to the reflections and refractions in a scene.

Another feature that is on Corona Renderer's public roadmap but not mentioned in the release notes is a "new stand-alone format and application".

We have contacted Chaos Czech to inquire and will update it if we hear anything.

Pricing and system requirements
Corona Renderer 6 for cinema is available for 64-bit cinema 4D R14 + under Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.7+. It is only available for rental. Subscriptions cost between $ 24.99 and $ 44.99 per month ($ 29 to $ 53).

Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max will be shipped "next week".

For a full list of the new features in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D, see the product blog

Visit the Corona Renderer product website

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