Chinese ‘Monster Hunter’ Trailer Reveals… a Cat Chef?

This is a monster hunter that we can leave behind! If the The first movie trailer came outIt delivered the typical fantasy adventure tariff we've come to expect from blockbuster video game adaptations. Yawning. However, China recently released its own version of the trailer. It's entertaining, funny and has tons of fan service. The franchise is not completely ruined!

Sure, writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) still opted for the boring US Army route, but he also included a Palico, the infamous Meowscular boss, so it's not all bad. "We have one of the characters, Meowscular Chef, who is the admiral's sidekick, who is an amazing character who has this pretty flirtatious relationship with Milla that is really interesting." Anderson revealed IGN. The inclusion of Palicoes (little bipedal cat assistants) in the movie is a great nod to fans of the game, and we're excited to see at least one of them in the spotlight.

Now, watch the new Monster Hunter Chinese trailer:

Monster Hunter is slated to premiere in theaters on December 30th, but of course that can change and push back.

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