Christopher Nolan
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Christopher Nolan announced that he once planned to turn Inception into a video game before abandoning the project.

Christopher Nolan

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Would Tenet be a good video game? It probably won't happen, but Christopher Nolan is still keeping the door open to adapt his films to games in the future.

Nolan discussed his thoughts on video game films in a recent interview with Geoff Keighley, the host of The Game Awards. The filmmaker found that despite the challenges of video game development, he would be interested in exploring the medium when the opportunity presented itself.

“Making films is complicated and takes a long time. Video game creation is even more complicated and takes longer, ”said Nolan. "The way the video game industry works (…) is really difficult. You don't want to just make a licensed game. Put it in something and use the brand that's established in the movie. (…) You don't want it just throws off the mark. They want it to be something great on their own. (…) It's not something you would ever take lightly, but it's definitely something that interests me. "



While there is a decade-long history of video games based on movies, most of these game adaptations have suffered poor critical and commercial receptions. ("Star Wars" video games are a notable exception.) Nolan added that he once "went quite far" to convert his 2010 "Inception" film into a video game before abandoning the project.

Although none of Nolan's films have been adapted for video games, Nolan is hardly alien to the medium. The filmmaker premiered the trailer for "Tenet" in Epic Games' popular "Fortnite" earlier this year. This marked the first time a high profile movie trailer made its debut in a video game. Nolan's "Inception" was even streamed on the video game during a Nolan movie night in June 2020.

Though Nolan's trilogy of Batman films was never converted into a video game, his critically acclaimed film "The Dark Knight" premiered a year before game developer Rocksteady Studios released "Batman: Arkham Asylum". The success of "Batman: Arkham Asylum" led to a large number of sequels; Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next installment in the game franchise, is slated for 2022.

Nolan's thoughts on adapting his films to video games can be heard below:

Would Chris Nolan ever want one of his films to be turned into a game? Here's what he said, part of our full conversation now on YouTube:

– Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) December 21, 2020

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