Hi Guys. I'm a 3D artist in the game development industry, but the VFX is what interests me the most these days. I've worked in UE4, watched some videos, and completed several VFX courses. But the VFX is still heavy on me. It is difficult for me to understand which direction to go when implementing a certain effect, especially when there are no specific examples on the internet (well, there is actually, but not entirely, what I need). I want to do the Cigarette Smoke Trail VFX, a thin and gentle soft smoke effect that is distorted by animation or wind in real time. I found the following information on the topic: – almost the effect I need looks great! But it's for the cutscene and I want it to be in real time. Is it possible to do it in real time with Niagara? – it works in real time, but I don't really like the look – it's fine and overall simple but not quite suitable for a cigarette. And I can't make the ribbon emitter look a little thicker – it looks bad.

I want the smoke to look something like this:

I'm a newbie to the VFX department. And I'm a little confused. Can you please tell me which direction to go? Which direction would you go with this effect? С Could it be some particular combination of Niagara emitters and flipbook animation?


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