Clip Premiere: Thomas Balmès Sing Me a Song
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Tomorrow, January 1, 2021, Thomas Balmès & # 39; Sing Me a Song, in which the French documentary filmmaker returns to the city of Laya in Bhutan, will appear on digital platforms to find out the location of his excellent documentary Happiness from 2014 As one of his topics, an eight year old monk named Peyangki, who is now a teenager, looks at the late arrival of the internet and social media in his monastery. Needless to say, the combination of youth and technology made profound changes in Peyangki's life – changes that provide insights into the way these forms of communication have changed all of ours. Kristin Yongsoo Kim writes in the New York Times: “Balmès does not come to simple, damning conclusions on the Internet. Instead, he lets the camera travel to unexpected places, resulting in a different type of meditation that hits with deep emotional resonance, illustrating the coexistence of old and new and driving home how modern conveniences can shake the faith of an entire nation. "

Check out a clip of Sing Me a Song starring Peyangki above.


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