Colorblind FX artist - Real Time VFX
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I've been thinking about possible color language misunderstandings between you and the customer or something along those lines, but I'm sure these issues have a solution, e.g. For example, you can determine some preset color palettes or the art director can help you with these topics. Yes, color plays a big role in VFX, but also shapes, timing, values, art style, etc.

In realistic games, this usually sticks to "reality" so that you don't create blue lava, for example. So when you create a lava effect, you can choose this palette from an image or something similar in color. Explosions always look similar, sparks, smoke, dust, dirt, etc.

So yeah, I would say that at least you should try to see how it goes. It's much better than just being scared and then regretting never having done it.


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