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In this “Gear News Video” we had the opportunity to speak to Dado Valentic, the CEO and founder of a potentially revolutionary tool for filmmakers: Colourlab Ai. This software allows you to color-match your footage based on the appearance of a reference image or a graduated clip, and also allows you to easily adjust the color image between different cameras. Let's take a closer look!

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Post production and color correction

Color Intelligence – the company founded by Dado Valentic – has just announced the introduction of a “factory driver program” that enables early access to its software: Colourlab Ai. But what is this software about? To learn more about it, we had the opportunity to speak to Dado about color grading and his software and see a live demo of it.

These days, video production revenues between ingestion and delivery of the content are short. There are of course planning reasons for this, but also the less important production budgets.

At the end of the day, it's no secret that most of the budget went into production and the post-production teams got what was left. In short, this means that all post production technicians / artists have less and less time to get their jobs done. As Dado told us, he only has four days to color-grade a Netflix episode of a series.

Photo credit: Color Intelligence

Colourlab Ai – Artificial Intelligence for Color Correction

To get his job done faster, Dado spent three years working on a tool that can be used to color-coordinate recordings using a graduated clip or reference image: Colourlab Ai.

Of course, there are already color correction tools that can match recordings. However, all of the tools in place will make adjustments to your footage based on parameters like the histogram and waveforms to create color-coordinated shots. For example, these tools find it difficult to match a wide-angle shot with a close-up shot because they don't understand the difference between images.

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According to Dado Valentic, Colourlab Ai is different here:

Colourlab Ai analyzes the composition of the shot to describe the color characteristics of the footage – whether it's a close-up, an outdoor shot, daylight or night, etc. AI "understands" how humans see and uses human perceptual transformations are far more accurate than standard algorithmic methods.

Dado Valentic – color intelligencePhoto credit: Color Intelligence

How it works

For the best possible results, it is recommended that you record in the LOG image profile to get the maximum possible dynamic range out of your camera's sensor.

When you start the software, import your footage (or a Resolve project) and select the camera that you used to take your pictures. Then select a reference image whose appearance you want to replicate. Finally, click on Match Scene and let the magic happen.

Photo credit: Color Intelligence

Colourlab Ai adjusts your footage to your reference image or graduated clip. However, it also gives you a few different versions of the same type of note to choose from. You can also optimize the results manually.

Colourlab Ai adjustments to your footage are non-destructive. The adjustments generated by the AI ​​are metadata settings, as they are known by industry standards for controlling ASC-CDLs, lift gamma gain or even printer lights.

This software is designed to save you man hours and to have all your recordings in the same stadium. However, it is not meant to be used to complete your project and create a lot of secondary adjustments / power windows / keying etc. When you're done, you can go straight and quickly around your project in DaVinci Resolve to enhance your look.

Price and availability

If you'd like to give it a try, you can get instant access to beta versions of the software ahead of Colourlab Ai's release in early October with a full annual license for just $ 99.00. According to the company, Color Intelligence is looking for cutting-edge colorists and content creators to participate in testing and developing features of this revolutionary approach to the established color correction process.

After that, Colourlab Ai works as subscription-based software for $ 99.00 per month. An annual plan will also be available for around $ 1000.00.

You can find more information or information on this on the Colourlab Ai website here.

What do you think of color corrections with the help of artificial intelligence? Do you think Colourlab Ai would be useful to you? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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