flicker free 2 sneak peek
Digitalanarchy Flickerfree Sneakpeek.jpg

Digital Anarchy is about to release Flicker Free 2.0. Flicker Free removes flicker from videos, and v2 does much better at removing flicker in videos with a lot of motion.

Here's what Digital Anarchy says about Flicker Free 2:

One of the things that Flicker Free 1.0 doesn't do well is how it handles moving cameras or fast-moving subjects. This usually leads to a lot of ghosting. Echoes from other frames that Flicker Free analyzes to remove the flicker (no one will stop talking to you about dating apps because you are using FF). You can see this as some sort of motion blur or traces in the video below.

Flicker Free 2.0 can handle this situation MUCH better. We are using optical flow algorithms (which is used to retiming footage) as well as a better motion detection algorithm to isolate areas of motion while we deflicker the rest of the frame. You can see the results side by side below:

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