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From the publication:

The Berlin animation and VFX studio Woodblock has appointed Conrad Ostwald as production manager. Conrad's extensive production management capabilities are an important addition to the independent studio's ongoing mission to streamline pipeline and production processes.

Conrad began his career at Buck New York and spent six years honing his design, animation, and project management skills. After returning to Berlin in 2013, he worked as a freelance motion designer and VFX compositor in a number of leading studios, including Rise FX, Sehsucht and Parasol Island, before moving to Foam Studio as production manager in 2018. After Conrad had done creative tasks while simultaneously improving his production management skills, he switched to Woodblock.

As Production Manager, Conrad will ensure that projects of all sizes run smoothly for both the Woodblock team and customers. As a seasoned artist, Conrad is aware of the problems that can arise throughout production so that he can anticipate and address possible setbacks. In addition, he will use the skills he has developed from working in numerous studios to further optimize Woodblock's pipeline and production processes and to act as a source of communication between artists and customers.

Conrad comments: “Woodblock has always been one of my favorite studios in Berlin. They are a wonderful team covering such a wide range of creative and technically challenging productions – whether it is character animations, full advertising campaigns or cinematic CG shorts. Knowing that entire shows are in development appeals to me both as a producer and as a creative. I'm grateful for the opportunity to run these larger productions and develop formats that go beyond a commercial focus. "

He adds: "I can't wait to spend my days with such a large and international group of talented people, exchanging knowledge and discussing our professional and personal ambitions in the office or over a drink in vibrant Kreuzberg."

Ilija Brunck, Managing Partner at Woodblock, comments: “We are delighted that Conrad has finally joined the team. His skills – especially his sophisticated organizational and communication skills – are an important addition to our ongoing mission to optimize our production processes. It also adds a treasure trove of connections that can expand our vast network of artistic talent. We all here at Woodblock look forward to working with Conrad, who, with his strong motivation and wonderfully positive attitude, refines, develops and expands our work. "


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