Believe Animation Boosts Presence in US Market, Taps BLAH! blah? (Blah…)
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From the publication:

If animation can save the day, Believe will be here just in time. The animation and design studio Believe ( based in Santiago has its sights on the US market and an independent representation on the east coast with the VFX and animation specialist from BLAH! blah? (Blah …).

According to BLAH! blah? (Blah…) Founder and partner Andy Arkin, the move is only the second time the Repping company has added an animation or VFX studio outside of the US since signing UK Aardman Animations in 2005. The belief is repeated by Arkin along with partners Marci Selsberg and Rep. Monica Johnson.

Led by Managing Director & Partner Cristóbal Pérez-Gazitúa and Executive Producer and Partner Marcelo Stephani, Believe has also signed contracts with Saarinen & Pico over the West Coast and Sharon & Perry over the Midwest and Texas to give them a presence across the West and Texas to allow USA for the first time.

Known for character design and development, 3D character animation and storytelling, his work can be seen in campaigns for brands such as McDonalds, Coke, Nissan, P&G, Kelloggs, Nestlé, L & # 39; Oréal, Colgate, Samsung and Heineken . Agency clients include BBDO, FCB, McCann, Ogilvy, Gray, McGarrybowen, Leo Burnett, VMLY & R, the Martin Agency, Deutsch, R / GA and Wunderman Thompson.

“Partnership with BLAH! blah? (Blah…) is an enormous honor for us at Believe, ”says Pérez-Gazitúa. “They are a premier resource for agency creatives and producers when it comes to animation, VFX, and design talent and technique, and they have been consistently associated with great companies. We are excited to see where they will take Believe when we focus on the American market. "

Believe was founded in 2008 by Pérez-Gazitúa and Stephani and has grown to include 40 full-time animators, designers, artists and producers. It quickly became one of the leading studios in Latin America and has since expanded to include clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East – a fact Arkin and his team at BLAH haven't lost! blah? (Blah …).

"The quality of A-level animation has increased around the world," says Arkin. “After we met Cris and Marcelo, we realized it was time to create a channel for international talent. While their pipeline allows them to work remotely, the truth is these guys never sleep because they work all over the world. "

Selsberg adds: “I see Believe as a big studio with multicultural artists bringing animated characters to life all over the world, whether in 2D, 2.5D or CG. They are ready to meet the demanding workflow needs of the global pandemic, and they can deliver anything an American agency can ask of them. "

Believe's U.S. outreach has been in the works for some time, and although the pandemic has affected these plans to some extent, the company is still on the move. The studio has done the work for clients in the US in the past and is now ready to take the next steps after building its national repping network. "We have delivered larger, more complex projects for agencies around the world," says Pérez-Gazitúa. "So we are in a good position if we expand in the US." We have strong work and a great show reel with a wide range of creative solutions, animation styles and techniques. "

Pérez-Gazitúa adds that while Believe wasn't immune to the global shutdown, it had hidden benefits for its studio. "We're seeing a big change in the industry as it makes it easier for clients and agencies to work remotely," he says. "They are working more securely with companies outside of their home markets, and our workflow reflects that. We are seeing more scripts from the US, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China.

"In order not to underestimate the severity of this pandemic, it also provides a new way for brands to explore animation," he continues, "and for US clients and agencies to explore studios outside their shores."

For more information on Believe, contact Andy Arkin, Marci Selsberg, or Monica Johnson at Blah Blah Blah ( Toni Saarinen or Brandon Pico from Saarinen & Pico (; or Sharon Swanson and Perry Tongate from Sharon & Perry (


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