Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone
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Hi Guys,

Experiment even crazier this week.

I tried creating a new look and feel for pixel art style images, especially tiles that can be used in 2D games and other things.

On my ART – Brick page you will find:

Some cool new brick tiles, each 64 x 64 pixels. Some have a 3D look.

ART – Brick

On my ART – Ground page you can find:

A variety of new floor tiles suitable for rocky surfaces, grass, sand, etc.

ART – Ground


Super high quality Ogg files are now available for every title on my Fantasy 1 page as well as my Sci-Fi / Space page. And for about half of the tracks on my Looping Music page.

Eventually they will be available for every title on my website.

If anyone has any requests for Ogg versions of tracks that you like, just let me know and I'll be happy to upload them for you.

Enjoy and stay creative!


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