Client Testimonial Videos - Your Secret Weapon to Better Branding and Conversions
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From crisp product reviews and star ratings to in-depth articles and special customer experiences captured in front of the camera, testimonials have always played a major role in shaping brand perception and improving or worsening the image of companies.

People are looking for solid confirmation before spending their money buying a product or using a service. While word of mouth, friends and family can influence buying decisions to some extent, most customers rely on public reviews, testimonials, and reviews to satisfy their uncertainties.

Why are testimonials effective?

Customer reviews and customer references are suitable for almost all types of companies, as they help to build credibility and leave a good impression of the brand and its offers with the target group. There are some undeniable advantages of customer testimonials, but since you already know them, we won't go there. Instead, let's take a look at why testimonials in video format are all the rage today.

Why use video testimonials?

Customer reference videos are basically short AVs that capture a person's experience in their own words. The purpose of video testimonials is the same as that of a review or customer experience documented in text format. However, customer testimonial videos take the cake and work better than text testimonials because today's audience prefers this format more than any other format. This is due to the shorter attention spans or the fact that people spend more time watching videos than any other online activity. Customer testimonial videos are the order of the day for your company.

Here are some other benefits of using customer reference videos:

  • They involve the audience much better than text references
  • They offer a degree of relativity because the viewer can connect to the customer on the screen
  • Videos can be easily accessed, viewed and shared across a variety of devices
  • Video testimonials can add immense value to your company website
  • Customer reference statistics suggest that videos have a higher recall value than text content

When done correctly, video testimonials also look and feel real (rather than as a script). Think about it from a customer perspective – you don't shop, buy a new product, or use a service unless you have reviewed people's reviews, ratings, and recommendations, right? The same applies to what your company offers its audience.

Manufacturing, technology, IT, hospitality, product, healthcare, education … Regardless of which industry segment your company belongs to, customer videos in all areas look like magic.


How do I use customer reference videos?

There are a few ways that business video testimonials can be used to maximize impact and reach:

  • Host them on your website

As one of the most important checkpoints for any business, there is a possibility that your potential customers will visit your official website to learn more about you. It is helpful to have your customer references on the website as visitors are likely to want to learn more about your customers' experiences. If you want to believe the digital marketing experts, Google loves websites with relevant videos and prefers them over other similar websites without videos.

  • Upload them to your official YouTube channel

Do you have a video Put it on YouTube! This has become the basic mantra for video advertising around the world. Since billions of users and part of them are your target audience, it is a good idea to upload these testimonial videos to your YouTube channel.

  • Promote them through social media platforms

Use your social profiles (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to share these videos with people who follow your business. You can even invest in paid advertising to make the video reach your target audience and make the brand more visible.

  • Include some snippets in your brand or company profile video

Gone are the days when you would visit customers, exhibitions and events with huge brochures about your company. It is the age of videos. So if you are considering creating a company profile video or a branded video, inserting some customer testimonials and recordings can significantly improve the quality and impact of the video.

  • Run email campaigns with these videos

If you have a decent email ID database with past customers, existing customers, and potential customers, you can consider email marketing as a branding exercise. You can embed video testimonials in the emails or send them as attachments.

So you have more than enough reasons to invest in creating high-quality customer videos and some ideas on how to use and market them effectively. It goes without saying that customer references are important for all types of B2B and B2C companies. If you're looking for video production services for customer references, check out Toolbox Studio's offerings.

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