Cory Davis Rejoins Sarofsky as VFX and Finishing Supervisor
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From the publication:

Design-focused manufacturing company Sarofsky continues its growth and investment in excellence and is proud to announce the return of Cory Davis to his full-time workforce. According to Erin Sarofsky, principal and executive creative director of the company, and Steven Anderson, executive producer, Cory's new title is VFX and Finishing Supervisor.

Most recently, Cory was an important employee of Sarofsky from mid-2016 to the end of 2018 and contributed to the studio's largest projects of the time. These include Sarofsky's famous title sequences for the Marvel blockbusters "Ant-Man", "Captain America: Civil War" and "Doctor Strange", main titles for TNT's "Animal Kingdom" and Super Bowl ads. At The Mill, he received credits for better-known branding campaigns for Capital One, Lunchables, Samsung, State Farm and others … as well as for the large-scale rebranding for the US Army.

"Cory understands exactly what kind of work we do and how we like to do it," Erin began. “In our hectic realm, he instinctively strives to deliver the best creatives in the most collaborative and intelligent ways. While he has been missed very much, it's really great to have him back as an even more accomplished artist and leader. "

"The type of work that is currently being done at Sarofsky is very exciting, and very exciting," said Cory. “Many of these projects require a realignment of the approach across the board. These new challenges are a fun way to stay sharp and move the narrative forward in creative ways. "

And in Steven's words, "We're excited to have Cory back in the mix, doing an amazing job, and continuing our efforts to maintain and improve our VFX and finishing standards."


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