Creamsource Vortex8 – Interview with CEO Tama Berkeljon
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In this interview we had the opportunity to speak to Creamsource CEO Tama Berkeljon about the latest waterproof 2 × 1 'RGBW LED light: the Creamsource Vortex8. Find out more about this exciting device for cinema applications!

The Creamsource Vortex8 is a waterproof 2 × 1 'RGBW LED luminaire that was announced in July 2020. We had the opportunity to speak to Tama Berkeljon, CEO of Creamsource, to get to know this light source a little better.

In this detailed interview, we learn more about the light itself, the company behind it and the unique properties of the Vortex8.

Image Credit: Creamsource

Creamsource Vortex8 functions

To help you get started, here is a brief summary of the Creamsource Vortex8's features:

  • Size: 2 × 1 '(60.96 x 30.48 cm).
  • The Vortex8 is an RGBW system with CCT from 2200K to 15000K. You also have full control over the hue / saturation parameters thanks to the full RGBW spectrum LEDs.
  • You can dim the Vortex8 from 0 to 100% and it has a CRI / TLCI of 95.
  • The light has a number of 512 LEDs in 128 groups. In front of the LEDs there is a row of SPOT lenses that give a narrow beam angle of 20 °.
  • It is a bright light with 650 W and a power (at one meter) of 73,500 lux at 6500 K and 68,200 lux at 3200 K. According to Creamsource, it has a light output that "corresponds to some 1200 W HMI systems".

Image Credit: Creamsource

  • The Creamsource Vortex8 is rated IP65 and there are three variable speed fans that are rated IP67 to protect the internal electronics from moisture and keep the light cool.
  • The power pack is integrated into the luminaire so that no separate ballast is required. A PowerCON cable and a PowerCON plug are used for the power supply.
  • In terms of connectivity, you have access to an integrated LumenRadio TimoTwo, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 5-pin DMX, WiFi, USB Type A and a Creamsource accessory port.

Image Credit: Creamsource

During this conversation with Tama Berkeljon we learned more about the light itself, how it is constructed, and even received an impressive demonstration of the sealing!

Price and availability

While the Creamsource Vortex8 is an incredibly well-made light with a myriad of features, it is primarily aimed at rental homes priced at $ 4,999.

While it can seem like a lot of money, the Vortex8's main competitors are devices like the Arri SkyPanel S60 for $ 6,550 or the Rotolight Titan X2 that we talked about here, which costs $ 4,699.

What do you think of the Creamsource Vortex8? Do you think it would be a good light for you on some projects? Are you thinking of giving it a try on a shoot? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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