Artistic Principles of VFX - Real Time VFX
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I am so glad that you benefit from them! It's funny … I was recently asked what common mistakes I see in portfolios and / or VFX tests when people are applying, and it's always a mistake on three or more of these principles (not a hard rule, just a rough one Generalization). If someone has demonstrated in at least 3 championships and the remaining 2 promises, we are usually happy to consider them.

When you think about it, the whole lot that involves such a wide range of skills is an amount that you can expect from just one person, but we see the bar keep rising with each new stunning effect.

Heck, I often have trouble getting every principle working at the same time in the new effects I'm making. I think maybe I should take another look at it and take my own notes! As knowledge increases, so does the need to keep up.


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