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Directors Magdalena Zalewska and Nikita Shestakov from MNFST.studio in London: “Cycle” is our very abstract view of plastic – from its organic origins to its slow affiliation to the natural cycle.

“Made by humans for eternity, we wonder whether plastic will survive nature itself. Our intention was to avoid the plastic cliché by creating something visually beautiful and seemingly harmless, but with a twist.

“We were inspired by the fact that what later becomes plastic begins as a raw material, something that exists in nature. Our goal was to loosely interpret this journey from raw material to something that has infiltrated our lives and our environment.

“One of the biggest challenges was depicting the phases of this journey: extracting, refining, processing, exploiting and transforming. Working with Houdini gave us creative freedom and skills.

“By introducing a gradual color change throughout the film, we wanted to reinforce the idea that plastic is slowly entering the natural landscape. From blue and deep reds of the underground, to white purity and novelty of products made by humans, to lush greens of plastic scammers. "

Production: MNFST.studio
Director / Animator: Magdalena Zalewska, Nikita Shestakov
Music: Chris Banks
Toolkit: Houdini


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