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Lindelof also goes back to a rule that he made after "Lost" so that work with the same actors would never be repeated.

Damon Lindelof has reached a career height since the 2020 Emmy Awards with his acclaimed HBO drama "Watchmen" taking home eleven industry-leading trophies, including the Outstanding Limited Series award. The success of “Watchmen” makes Lindelof reflect on his other Emmy sensation, the first season of “Lost,” which won the Outstanding Drama Series, and how he now regrets having acknowledged the negativity that was divisive Finale of the "Lost" series has broken out. In a new interview with Variety, Lindelof said he had increased the backlash against "Lost" by openly sharing his disappointment that fans hated the show's ending.

"I didn't invent the story that the final was empirically bad, but I reinforced it," said Lindelof. “The fact that people feel the need to tell me, 'Hey, I kind of liked the way it ended. & # 39; Or the expectation some people have, 'I need to know the ending is going to be disappointing' The fact that I told people what to think about Lost is a huge regret that I have."



Lindelof has defended the "Lost" series finale in the past and stated in a 2013 essay for THR on the occasion of the "Breaking Bad" final that he would no longer try to change the fans' minds. If they hated the "Lost" final, make them hate the "Lost" final.

"I want to make a pact, you and I," wrote Lindelof at the time. "And here's your part: you acknowledge that I know how you feel about the ending of Lost. I got it. I heard you. I will ponder your dissatisfaction forever and ever … And here's my part: I'm finally going to stop talking about it. I'm not doing this because I feel entitled or about it – I'm doing it because I accept that I won't change my heart or mind. I won't get you from it Convince them they weren't dead all along, and don't annoy you if you think they were, despite my endless explanations. "

In his post-Emmys interview with Variety earlier this week, Lindelof added that he regrets having announced after “Lost” that he would never rework with the same actors. In retrospect, Lindelof calls the explanation "stupid". For "Watchmen", the creator has teamed up with his "Leftovers" actress Regina King, whose performance earned her the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series. Lindelof admits that he would like to work with King in the future, as well as with the "Leftovers" stars Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux.

"I think, based on our shared experience with The Leftovers, he trusted that I would approach Angela Abar with the same care that he and the writing team used in making Watchmen," King told Variety. “The trust was mutual. When reciprocity is at the heart of a partnership, respect and friendship can last a lifetime. Damon is that partner. "

Visit Variety's website to read Lindelof's Emmys cover story in its entirety.

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