Dark Star Aurelion Sol Pasive
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Riot Beardilocks, vfx perform here on skins for League.

That looks great!

You did a really good job getting the subject down. The shapes you have there are great and there are some really cool dynamic moves on the trails.

However, if I had to provide constructive feedback, you could easily adjust the colors of the trail.

Increasing the contrast on the ball itself by making the values ​​in the glow around the ball lighter can improve the visual hierarchy.

Additionally, I think the concept worked really well, using a very wide range of hues, from yellow to saturated orange to purple to purple.

I think you could shift some of the hues in the dark part of the path to include more blues and get more saturated oranges near the ball.

Overall though, this is a fantastic job and these are just small polish points. Well done!


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