David Fincher's Longtime DP Jeff Cronenweth Has Advice, Insight, and Stories
2014. Gone Girl Jeff Cronenweth 0.jpg

I'm Jack's celebrated cameraman.

Oscar-nominated camera magician Jeff Cronenweth sat down with us to talk about his origins in the film industry.

As a young man, Cronenweth spent time on the set of Blade runner Jordan Cronenweth shot it as his father. He takes us through the next chapter of his career, starting as AC for the legendary DP Sven Nykvist, and how his longstanding collaboration with David Fincher began while shooting pickups for a Madonna music video.

We discuss his experience with the appearance Fight Club, The social network, and Ex girlfriendincluding great films. Now in 2020 he's ready for an Emmy for his work on the Amazon series Tales From The Loop.

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