DaVinci Resolve 16.2.5 Update Released
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Blackmagic deleted another DaVinci Resolve Studio version and increased it to 16.2.5. As is usual with a point-to-point update, the improvements are usually unremarkable unless you are planning to buy an ATEM Mini Pro ISO (or are affected by one of the fixed issues).

Photo credit: Blackmagic Design (edited by inema5D).

Here are the patch notes from Blackmagic:

What's new in DaVinci Resolve Studio / Free 16.2.5?

  • Support for importing ATEM Mini Pro ISO projects into DaVinci Resolve.
  • Improved listing of numbered still images in the media pool.
  • Fixed flashing offline frames for some H.264 clips on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue when relinking AAF clips in different folders.
  • Problems with the synchronization of the playhead in the synchronization compartment and in the timeline have been fixed.
  • Several performance and stability improvements.

Both DaVinci Resolve Studio and the free version get exactly the same update that will make future owners of the previously unpublished ATEM Mini Pro ISO happy: it now supports importing projects generated by the large, small Switcher console.

The Pro ISO model can record up to 5 live streams (4 cameras, 1 program feed) separately and generates a project that can now be opened in Resolve to adjust changes, change recordings, re-mix audio and color corrections to add.

As usual, this is a free update for existing customers who can download this version from the Blackmagic support page.

Make sure you have a full backup of your projects and / or database resolution before upgrading.

Let us know what you think about this update and the new ATEM Mini Pro ISO in the comments below.

Blackmagic DesignDaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (activation card)

Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO


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