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On June 28, 2020, Local 600 and ICG Magazine launched “Deep Dive”, a virtual panel series in which we talk to the creative teams from union television and film productions. Our first panel was with the creative team behind HBO's "I Know So Much Is True".

The conversation dealt with the unique workflow of filming, an actor who plays both leading roles (Mark Ruffalo appears as identical twins), and the many challenges for the camera team that result from a mostly unwritten, documentary approach to a narrative production . This first virtual panel in Local 600's "Deep Dive" series, featuring guild members and the creatives they work with, follows on from ICG Magazine's June / July article on "I Know So Much Is True".

Derek Cianfrance (Director, Writer)
Jody Lee Lipes (cinematographer)
Sam Ellison, SOC (cinematographer)
Aurelia Winborn (first assistant to the A camera)
Moderator: David Geffner, Executive Editor of ICG Magazine

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