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Local 600 / ICG Magazine's Deep Dive series continues with an innovative group of filmmakers looking to (literally) change the face of television. STARZ Network's P-Valley, filmed by Guild Directors of Photography, Nancy Schreiber, ASC, and Richard Vialet, highlights characters rarely seen on episodic television – black pole dancers in the Mississippi Delta. Joining Schreiber and Vialet is P-Valley creator / showrunner Katori Hall, a playwright who advocated race and gender inclusivity, and is now back on episodic television. The quartet is rounded off by director Karena Evans, Video Director of the Year at the BET Awards 2019 and the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2018. Evans worked closely with Hall, Schreiber and the Local 600 camera team on the serial pilot and established the Hall terms “Delta Noir ". The second virtual panel in the Local 600 Deep Dive series, introducing the members of the guild and the creatives they work with, follows on from ICG Magazine's August 2020 feature on P-Valley.

Katori Hall, creator / showrunner
Karena Evans, director
Nancy Schreiber, ASC, cameraman
Richard Vialet, cameraman

Moderator: David Geffner, Editor-in-Chief, ICG Magazine

Photo by Tina Rowden

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