Directing Duo Nothing Lost Joins The Mill
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From the publication:

Global production partner The Mill announced today that it has joined the aspiring director duo Nothing Lost.

The directing duo consists of Chas Appeti and Junior Okoli, two creatives with strong backgrounds in cinematography, film, music and the visual arts. Chas is a well known and
The well-respected Director, DOP & Graphic Designer who has created videos and visual artwork for many years, and Junior is a passionate director, writer, and storyteller. After meeting five years ago, the two immediately sparked a dynamic friendship.

The two shared insights and experiences of a world that few can see; This insight, along with a keen interest in film and music, allowed the two of them the confidence and determination to experiment with their creativity.

With strong connections in and through the music and creative arts scene in the UK and abroad, Nothing Lost's style of honest but beautiful graphics and plot has kept the scene entranced. The duo that was shortlisted for the piece “Woke” in the Saatchi & Saatchi New Creators Class of 2019 are new, fresh-thinking, apologetic and enthusiastic about their craft. They say, "We want to create the pictures and tell the stories that most people can't because stories like that take forever."

Nothing Lost recently made headlines as the directors and producers at the helm of the new Amazon Prime Video original series, Jungle. The six-part musical drama follows the networked life of two strangers, viewed through the world of British rap, grime and drill music to give a new perspective on life in downtown London and its diverse culture.

Mill producer Tanya Ferguson commented on the signing: “A creative duo like Nothing Lost with The Mill brings a more dynamic and diverse offering for what we develop in both long and short form. As the industry evolves and responds to create more moving stories, so will we. Our goal is to give them more opportunities beyond those of the music industry and to explore more sophisticated content. "


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