Explore the Emotional Beats of Bridget Barkan’s Inspirational Sound
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From neo-soul ballads to passionate pop anthems, PremiumBeat artist Bridget Barkan writes music for stories that bring people together.

When New York-born Bridget Barkan sings – whether she opens up to Lady Gaga, tours the world with the glamorous icons of the Scissor Sisters or in the studio with legendary house DJ and producer Todd Terry – your head spins and your hearts leap . Barkan's voice is shocking in its strength and the emotional energy behind her voice is even stronger. Every note she sings is calculated. When she rises, when she sings, and when she whispers, whole stories unfold.

Stories are important to Bridget Barkan. As an artist on the PremiumBeat Signature Series, she writes music for stories that bring people together. As the artist at the top of her game, her songs will grab your attention. This is smart, urgent music powered by pro-Songcraft and an activist's passion for human connection.

Barkan's own story begins on the set of Sesame Street as a child actress who grew up alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brian De Palma, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Steven Soderbergh, and others. Her film and television performances are not limited to just acting. Barkan's vocals, both recorded and live, have been featured in Blue Bloods, Blindspot and Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.

Barkan's theater experience is just as enjoyable on stage as it is on screen. It includes considerable solo exhibitions of her own creation. It all comes back to stories.

Explore Bridget Barkan's royalty-free music

If you listen to the almost twenty tracks that she has contributed to the PremiumBeat library, one thing becomes clear: Whether authentic neo-soul, playful vintage jazz or stadium-ready electro-pop – Bridget Barkan takes chart-top sounds for granted. Your music can be as tender as it is triumphant. It can be fun and violent at the same time, and even if the vibe is turning towards chill, Barkan's tracks are straight forward.

Remarkable traces

Bridget Barkan's work for PremiumBeat is the first choice for creators who need uplifting, confident ballads and anthems that pulsate with real spirit. The track "Warrior" is a steady, pounding call to action – "Keep climbing, keep fighting." It's solidarity in the form of a song and a celebration of unity. "Love You Betta" is nothing short of smooth slow-jam gold, while "Happen" offers a good atmosphere through bizarre coffee shop funk. "Out of the Gray" grooves along with an almost retro / new wave vibe before they turn out to be an anthemic pop masterpiece. The goose bumps are strong with this one.

Boost your work with the emotionally rich music of Bridget Barkan

If your project calls for music that expresses energetic optimism, sincere emotions and a powerful (literally) feminine voice (even literally), Bridget Barkan is your unique solution. She is an artist of real depth. Her music shows empathy and integrity, which distinguishes her from the normal, license-free tariff.

This is music for passion projects, be it documentaries based on social themes, features exploring human nature, or videos created in support or promotion of a cause. Check out some of Bridget Barkan's most popular tracks in the curated playlist below. Each is permanently available with a simple standard license of $ 49.

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