Break+Enter VFX ( Autodesk Vision Series): New Shoes talks to his team about working with Autodesk tools in the cloud during the pandemic.

Break + Enter VFX was part of the Autodesk Vision series that happened last month. In this video, Paul DeCamp, Marketing Director of the creative studio Nice Shoes, speaks with Executive Producer Joyce Boll and Creative Director Dave Zeevalk. The team discusses how they continued to work remotely during the pandemic. To explain, they used a cloud pipeline with Autodesk tools. You created a new VFX studio during lockdown and are successful. Break + Enter has produced and supplied several films and TV shows for Netflix and other worldwide customers. Surely many that you've seen!

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Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection

End-to-end creative tools for creating entertainment programs

With the Media & Entertainment Collection, animators, modelers and artists can access the tools they need for visual effects. They use one-click workflows to create convincing effects, believable 3D characters and huge digital worlds.

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Autodesk Flame Autodesk Flame

Software for 3D visual effects (VFX), finishing and color correction
Flame® 3D VFX and finishing software provide effective tools for 3D compositing, visual effects and editorial finishing. Flame is an integrated, creative environment. In other words, you get faster compositing, advanced graphics, color correction, and more.

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Autodesk Maya Autodesk Maya

Do it with Maya Computer Animation Software

Maya® 3D software for animation, modeling, simulation and rendering. It offers an integrated, powerful toolset. Use it for animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality and character creation.

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Autodesk 3ds max Autodesk 3ds max

3D modeling, animation and rendering software for games and design visualization

Model your vision down to the smallest detail! 3ds Max offers a comprehensive and flexible toolset that allows you to create premium designs with full artistic control.

For example, create huge worlds in games. Visualize high quality architectural renderings. Model finely detailed interiors and objects. Plus, bring characters and features to life with animation and VFX

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