DSP Motion lets you draw sound effects for animations
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With DSP Motion you can draw sound effects for animation

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Japanese developer Tsugi has released DSP Motion, an interesting new tool that allows users to draw sound effects for animation, motion graphics, and real-time projects.

The $ 49 app is an affordable alternative to standard audio libraries and translates the movement of your pen or mouse into abstract sounds that can be exported to editing software or game engines.

Draw sound effects in time for your animations or motion graphics
We don't usually treat audio tools on Greenscreen, but the basic requirement of DSP Motion is so appealing that we thought it was worth writing a story.

The software's procedural audio engine translates the movement of the mouse or pen of the user into sound and enables the drawing of abstract sound effects.

Users simply select a movement property, e.g. B. Rotation or scaling to convert it into sound along with an audio style preset such as fire, water or electricity, or mechanical and animal noise.

Tsugi's demo videos show users how to draw on existing animations and FX clips in software such as After Effects and Unity, and create sound effects that match the visual elements in real time.

Adjust sound effects to the footage or automatically generate variations
The resulting sound clip effect can be adjusted and procedurally adjusted using a number of simple parameter sliders to fine-tune the footage without introducing artifacts.

The software can also automatically generate variations of a basic sound effect to avoid obvious repetitions when an effect is used frequently in a game or animation.

Completed sound effects can be exported as WAV files for use in editing or compositing software. DSP Motion also exports directly to Unity and automatically generates metafiles and C # replay scripts.

Part of a family of audio tools for game developers
Although DSP Motion is Tsugi's first product specifically designed for motion graphics and animation, the company has an established track record of creating professional audio tools.

Sister applications include DSP Fantasy, DSP Sci-Fi, DSP Anime and DSP Retro, which create similar sound effects for games, as well as a range of audio middleware and sound processing tools.

The company also conducts research and development for a number of key entertainment customers, including Capcom and Activision.

Pricing and system requirements
DSP Motion is only available for Windows. It costs $ 49.

More information about DSP Motion can be found on the Tsugi website

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