How to Buy and Sell Pokémon Cards
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Pokémon card lovers are everywhere, not just the kids of the 90s who were drawn to the Japanese show Pokémon, but the kids of today are very interested in this card game as well. Such playing cards are always evergreen to play with. Many have a huge collection of these that they can share with their grandchildren or friends. Apart from that, different sports cards are always in.

And let's not forget the adults either. Since Pokémon movie returnedHumans have rediscovered their love for Pokémon. There has been the development of various games such as Pokémon Go and others. Pokémon Go was heavily based on AR (Augmented Reality). And don't forget our favorite Pokémon card game "Pokémon Cards".

What are Pokemon Cards?

The Pokémon Card Game (PTCG) is a trading card game based on Nintendo's Pokémon franchise for video games and anime. It was first released in October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan. It was originally released in the US by Wizard of the Coast. The Pokémon Company finally took over in 2003.

In this quarantine pandemic of COVID-19, such games are rampant not only among children but also adults who are now reliving their 90s. I enjoyed that Pokémon card Play with my brother. However, these cards are not available from everyone.

Fortunately, my brother has a collection of them, but some don't. Some of us need it and some of us don't. In order not to get far, I shared my experience with my friend of the game with my brother and many of them did not have their collections or lost them, even if some of them only had five or four cards. And here the question arises: "How do I buy and sell Pokémon cards?"

The history of the Pokemon cards:

I've found that it's possible to make money with Pokémon cards. If you have a '90s collection or a new sealed box and you're not using it, you can make quick money selling it.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to increase your income and enjoy the game as it can help you a lot as a single Pokémon card “Pikachu Illustrator” sold for $ 195,000 last week. This makes the Pikachu illustrator the most expensive in the world after Kotaku. This card was never sold in packs like normal ones but was given to Japanese comic book winners in 1998. Only 39 have been published, 10 of which are believed to still exist. Even if you have a card or two, you can still use them and make a decent amount through sales.

In response to this, there are various online platforms on which we can buy and sell these cards. People who don't need it can sell it at actual market value or reasonable price, and people who need to buy can check their price and purchase.

To buy and sell Pokémon cards:

There are various online platforms / websites for this. "Cardmarket" is one of the largest websites in the European market where you can purchase various types of card games, including Pokémon cards. It has a large collection of cards like:

  • Darkness on fire
  • Booster box
  • Sealed products
  • Sets, lots and collections

You can buy anything related to Pokémon in the Card Market of your choice, tastes and preferences and sell at market value.

Amazon is one of the largest online platforms for every requirement. Here you can only buy the Pokémon collection such as Pokémon Sun and Moon Metal Tin Can etc. according to your choice. Flipkart is one of the other platforms that you can buy a collection of Pokémon on, as mentioned above. There are also many other websites that you can sell the cards on:

  • eBay: An interesting platform where you can get an average price of a buyer's choice.
  • Pokemon Genealogie: It contains trending information for each Pokemon and others.

There are some different card formats These are shuffled up from rare cards or unique cards, but right now, as mentioned, the booster pack (standard format) is the most popular. The booster box is in a foil-wrapped booster box that is often used in toy stores. The booster box contains 36 packs (360 cards in total).

The other way you can buy or sell cards is personalized, which is very rare. With these types of card packages, users generally customize their cards to suit their preferences and a range of packages that they either sell or buy.


You could even Create your own Pokemon card and trade them while keeping your collection pristine. I'm excited and happy to share this information regarding the Pokémon Card Game. Hope you find it useful to you and the card lovers around the world. If it was informative for you, don't forget to share your thoughts with us, and if you have any suggestions or concerns please don't forget to type us in or contact us.


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