How to pursue your dream career in raising your children
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It is a popular idea that before you start a family, you should focus and do whatever you can to advance your career. There are these testimonials from successful individuals who got married after realizing their dreams and then being able to give everything to their families. It doesn't matter which area you choose from a wide variety of media and entertainment options or from another niche.

But there are also those who shared their regrets about the prioritization of their careers and who had their children when they were already old when they could no longer keep up with their children's energies.

If you got the idea that you can't have both a career and a family, you simply had poor time management.

Distance learning and skills development:

Find a job that gives you the opportunity to build your career from home as well. Currently, due to the health crisis, companies have discovered work from home. But even before that there were companies that offered team building and remote work setups Online leadership training. Even after the travel restrictions caused by pandemics, this setup is sure to be maintained as it costs less for businesses too.

You could too Sign up for online courses. There are short term online courses that give certificates. There are even good universities like MIT and Oxford University that offer courses online. You can use these degrees and certificates as leverage when you later apply for an on-site learning qualification. Such online courses offer good creative designs and visual effects. It helps for better engagement and understanding of the subject.

Shared parenting:

That the woman should take care of the children is an outdated idea. Nowadays, both mother and father share responsibility for parental responsibilities.

You and your partner could also pursue your career goals in raising your children if you work together on setting schedules and workloads. Each of you is familiar with your non-negotiable schedules, meetings, and company activities. Use this important data to create your schedule. Both of you should remember that you are partners to have a career and family life. One's meetings are more important than the other's, so you need to carefully prioritize your commitments.

Of course, the first and foremost factor that can make or break a good plan is your partner. Make sure he or she knows what you want and plan to do with your life. Most of all, make sure he or she supports you. Even if you come up with a good plan, it would not work if you did not come to terms with each other's expectations.

Choose responsible sponsors:

When there is really nothing you and your partner can do about a conflicting schedule, it is best to leave your child with a good friend or relative who you can trust. Of course there are reliable babysitters out there, but it is rare to find a babysitter who will look after your child as much as a close friend or relative would.

Another option is to get to know your children's playmates and their parents. Not just get to know them, but build a good relationship with them. You could feel safe when your child can visit their children when you have important schedules. If they are like you, who also work hard and raise their children at the same time, you might be helping one another.

Indulge your children's interest in constructive hobbies:

In the growing years of the children, they would be interested in so many things. Even let them explore Suggest a hobby for them. If they are interested in a musical instrument, arrange lessons for them. Don't consider it a waste of money if you lose interest later. It would give them the confidence to try anything. If they change their mind, help them explain why. They need to understand that they cannot do everything on a whim and that they must have a good reason when they decide to do something. Never bring up the issue of money in such conversations. That way, they would feel like you value their development more than your money. There are plenty of free animated videos available online to share on this topic.

Your main interest, of course, is to develop your child holistically. The positive side effect of this is that your child would spend their time with this hobby. This gives you free time for yourself – or extra time for work, if that's how you spend your hours. However, make sure that if your children are seriously interested in a hobby, they also show support with important activities like a concert or game. Watch cartoons / animated films with them, do handicrafts with them, and other creative activities to sharpen their minds.

Starting a family is never a valid excuse to stop working towards your career dreams. It would simply mean that you gave up because you didn't know how to achieve the best of both worlds.


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