Embergen Challenge Winners! - Real Time VFX
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Congratulations to @NickR, @Illusorisch, @eavillar and worthy mentions to @Deathrey and @peters

Thank you to everyone who took part in this challenge. Thank you to JangaFX, Rebelway & NVIDIA Studio for your sponsorship and contribution to our community and artists.

First prize winner

Here is my final submission:
Final submission on Vimeo

I'm a little late, but let's go.
I'm thinking of using these two scenes as a reference.
I plan to do some kind of planetary bombardment that sweeps up the street towards the camera, blowing up cars in the process.

Second award winner

Final submission

Hello. Here is my entry.
What I want to do here is a short story that was made in UE4
I started with an opening sequence so I could test wide angle and close-up shots. This is pretty new to me, but I'm hoping for a good result
In the beginning I use a lot of Embergen smokers, at the peak there will be a falling bomb boom

Third prize winner

(optimize ezgif.com (4))
Well, here is my template. This was a fun and interesting challenge, too bad that not many Unity3D users were involved in the challenge or received much feedback, but there are great mind-boggling entries.
Embergen will definitely be between my software list from now on, it is a very and versatile tool that sets up simulation scenes very quickly and creates previz, flipbooks and static textures. Thank you for the opportunity to test the software.
About the project I have …


Final entry:


Hey everyone! I am very excited about this challenge and look forward to learning something new! slight smile
Final submission:

Current WIP:






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