Emilio Villar : Embergen Challenge

Some updates:

I used Embergen today, tried too much and made mistakes on the first few scenes (even reading the manual) but the software is easy to use. Some "nice to have" or "wish list" points from my pov:

  1. Remove the autoplay simulation when I create / open a scene.
  2. Removable windows that will be awesome have this feature.
  3. Lock the camera in the viewport (an icon might be nice).

There were other points, but I don't remind them right now … I should be taking notes.

I set each simulation separately via the progress (mushroom, shock wave, smoke, etc.) so that I have more control over the times in the engine.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5)


This was a first attempt – discarded.

Making progress …


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