Entry Deadline Extended for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival
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To support the recently announced online move for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, ACM SIGGRAPH's annual conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive technologies in Asia SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 computer animation festival (SACAF 2020) has extended the submission deadline until August 15, 2020. The new virtual event will take place in December. Conference dates and other program details will be announced as they become available.

The festival is looking for new, innovative animated content in a variety of categories. If your project used a computer for part of the production, SACAF 2020 would like to see it! Developers from all over the world are invited to submit their projects and to help showcase the best, most inspiring, most entertaining and most modern computer animation in the world.

An international jury of computer animation experts judges the best work in each category. From this pool of top picks, they will be awarded three prestigious 2020 prizes: best student project, jury special and best in show. In addition, the judges select between 30 and 40 (or more) “Best of the Best” works from the entire submission pool in order to curate them into the two “stars” of the festival: the always spectacular programs Electronic Theater and Animation Theater.

The electronic theater and animation theater delight and delight the conference audience every year, who want to sit back and enjoy an entertaining and thought-provoking selection of the world's best CG animation. This year online viewers have instant access to both shows and all of the festival's special programs!

There is no entry fee and you can enter as many projects as you like. Attend the festivities and help the festival honor the best CG animations – submit your latest projects in one of the following categories:

  1. Computer animated short films: Contains character animations, storytelling, experimental works, opening sequences, cinema, selection and / or montages of animated TV series in new media format.
  2. Animated feature films: Selection and / or assembly of computer animations that were created for animated feature films.
  3. Music videos: commissioned works and / or independent works that use any combination of computer animation, digital effects and live action to illustrate, improve and / or complement a musical creation.
  4. TV and web advertising: advertising that was created in whole or in part with computer animations and / or digital effects. This category also includes commercials, bumpers and graphics, as well as public announcements.
  5. Visualizations and simulations: computer animations created to explain, analyze or visualize information for applications such as scientific research, architecture, engineering, system simulations, education and documentation projects.
  6. Visual effects for films and television programs: Selection and / or montage of visual effects for live action films and / or television programs.
  7. Real-time animation: game, web, and mobile animations that render in the same amount of time it takes to play. Real-time technology demos are also welcome! Real-time technology demos should go to Real-Time Live!
  8. Other: computer animations that do not fit into any of the above categories.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2020. Visit the SACAF 2020 website Additional information, including submission information, submission rules and requirements, and frequently asked questions.

Or you can submit your work directly by registering with SIGGRAPH Asia Submission System.

Please share the news with classmates, team members and colleagues – SACAF 2020 would also like to see their work!

"The special circumstances in which we are safe in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic have made it necessary to put the conference online, including SACAF 2020," said Dan Sarto, Chairman and Editor and Editor of AWN , SACAF 2020. “However, we plan to take advantage of this new digital format and share our exciting programs of the best animated CG works with people around the world. We have extended the deadline for submitting the festival to August 15th. Now there really is no excuse for not participating! "

"These are difficult times for the artist community as we address the economic impact of the deadly coronavirus COVID-19," said SACAF 2020 co-chair and Destiny Logic Director & Producer, Siva Kumar Kasetty. “Let's stay strong and support each other in every possible way. Let us strengthen our resilience and passion to guide us through these difficult times! "

More information about the conference can be found at http://sa2020.siggraph.org. Find SIGGRAPH Asia on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with the official event hashtag #SIGGRAPHAsia and # SIGGRAPHAsia2020.

Source: SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

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Dan Sarto is the editor and editor-in-chief of Animation World Network.


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