Epic Games Releases Free 15-Hour Virtual Production Primer
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Epic Games just announced that Primer for virtual production, a new addition to his free library by Unreal online learning Resources. The Virtual Production Primer provides more than 15 hours of curated content in a self-directed learning path of eight courses and 10 videos that teach the basics of Unreal Engine and real-time production and how to apply those skills and techniques to the emerging field of virtual production.

This collection contains two brand new courses on Basic Principles of Virtual Production, led by Epics Luis Cataldi and Cinetracer Matt Workman and using selected resources from existing Unreal Online Learning Paths and current presentations below Unreal Festival Online and In unreal. In this curated collection, users learn how to work with the Unreal Editor, projects, file structures, and more, as well as the basics of real-time content creation and key performance and design considerations. Recorded presentations from industry experts provide practical information on how world-class virtual production pipelines are created and how they are deployed.

The Virtual Production Primer was impressed by the tremendous response to the Unreal community, a four-week, full-time intensive learning program tailored for film, animation and VFX professionals. The Unreal Fellowship, announced in July of this year, received over 6,000 applications for 50 places in just one week. The new primer for virtual production aims to share basic materials with the public, regardless of their experience with Unreal Engine or their professional background.

In addition to this new primer for virtual production, Unreal Online Learning offers hundreds of hands-on video courses and guided learning paths in a variety of industries – all completely free and available to users of all skill levels. Unreal Engine beginners can learn the basics, and advanced users can delve deep into courses tailored for a specific function or industry workflow.

Visit the Unreal online learning Homepage to create a free account and get started with the Virtual Production Primer or any number of other curated learning paths.

Source: Epic Games


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