Sonible smart:EQ 2 review by producersphere
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ProducerSphere reviews Sonible smart: EQ2, an automatic EQ analyzer plug-in. They give it 5 stars for features and ease of use and 4.5 stars for value for money. In addition, there is currently a sale at Toolfarm: Sonible Audio Plug-Ins – Up to 63% discount! For a limited time only. Of course the details are below.

Smart: EQ 2 is a truly unique linear EQ plug-in that takes away that misconception. This plugin is capable of automatically EQing a range of sounds, from giving a small slap on your kicks to smoothing out and improving vocal performance. Sonible describes the “revolutionary learning ability” of the plugin and their intelligent plugins are definitely causing waves in the producer area. However, whenever an A.I. The generated filter plug-in appears in the conversation, the same question always remains. Can these plugins' automated EQ results even come close to individual human subjectivity?

Read the full Sonible smart: EQ2 review at ProducerSphere.

Sonible Smart: EQ 2

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Sonible Smart: BundleSonible Smart: Bundle

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