Hard Surface Texture Painting in Blender

Earlier this year after doing this Time-lapse for modeling and painting hard surfacesI've received many requests to create an updated tutorial on the process. Although there are already a lot of texture painting options in Blender, I did. There is a short overview video and then three longer videos that are much more detailed.

Tons of other people did tutorials on the same topic, probably better than my own, but that's okay, maybe someone can benefit from seeing my process. I'm also sharing the canister model for download that you can find below, and I'll be offering all of the hard surface models I created this summer for free download in the next blog post!

So upload your own hard surface model or download some of the models I am sharing and let's paint! I also made some decals that you can download. Some of them are OpenVisualFX tags, so you know, a bit of self-promotion I guess. But I encourage you to make your own!

Required Assets:

Tutorial 1 – Quick Start Video if you just want the basics

Tutorial 2 – Setting up the metal shaders and the basic color shader

Tutorial 3 – Texture Painting shows how to properly set up the shader and paint a complex shader in real time

Tutorial 4 – adding stencils and decals

Like this:

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